February 23, 2020

Who would have guessed?

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Sixteen years ago, I picked up my son Ryan from school and took him to a residential real estate closing. (I worked as a realtor at the time.)

Ryan sulked in the corner, tired from school, totally bored, munching on cookies while I handled the paperwork with my client. 

Tiny cries of, “Mommy, can we go hooooome?” punctuated the air every few minutes. Pangs of mom-guilt went through my chest. “Soon, honey, soon. Almost done.” 

I didn’t have reliable after school childcare back then, so I often lugged Ryan along to meetings. Which he absolutely loathed. 

Throughout the last sixteen years, I’ll be honest, Ryan never expressed much of an interest in my career. 

Real estate? Meh. Life coaching? Whatevs. Producing a podcast? Blah. Bestselling book? Cool, mom—do we have any snacks? Like most kids, his main concerns were, “What’s the WiFi password?” And, “Hey, could I borrow $20 bucks?” 

But life is mysterious. Things have a funny way of coming full circle.

Full Circle

A few days ago, Ryan sat with me and his dad during three of our commercial real estate closings (investments). Ryan watched closely, taking notes, eager to learn more. He is studying to take his exam to become a real estate agent. (I know, can you believe it? I almost fainted from shock.) He’s managing an apartment building in exchange for free rent. That same little boy who used to sulk in the corner and beg to go home—now, studying all about purchase agreements and agent commissions while also attending college. Who would have guessed?

Life is beautifully surprising.

One day, you might be getting married at the very location where your heart was broken. 

One day, you might be mentoring the very same business advisor who helped you get started all those years ago.

One day, you might hang up the holiday lights in December and realize that the wishes you made twenty years ago have finally come true. (Although, probably not in the way you expected.)

Life moves in circles, rarely in straight lines. 

Be patient. Keep believing. Keep working. Keep loving. Keep showing up for your goals.

Keep giving your best effort. Keep moving around the circle.

You never know what’s around the next curve.

PS. Have you ever experienced a beautiful, miraculous full circle moment? Share your full circle moment on Insta and tag me @susanhyatt. I love seeing full circle stories. xo.



Full Circle

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