July 26, 2017


Are you an Athena? Or more of a Demeter? Feeling those Aphrodite vibes? Maybe you’ve been chasing your goals like Artemis all year long, and you’re ready for some cozy Hestia time, chillin’ at home in your jammies?

Join me for a FREE WEBINAR on August 1st at 12 noon CT for a fun, fresh look at Greek mythology and philosophy.

I’ll introduce you to 7 of the most powerful Greek goddesses.

You’ll learn their back-story, their talents and strengths, and what they represent.

You’ll ask yourself, “Which goddess do I feel the most drawn to right now, and why?”

We’ll wrap things up with a discussion about how to embody your chosen goddess—and bring more of her energy in your daily life.

You can also look forward to…


As usual, I’m giving away some fun prizes during this webinar, including BARE Card Decks—beautiful illustrated cards filled with inspiring messages for women and girls. (Many of the illustrations are inspired by Greek goddesses!)


I’ve got lots of amazing events coming up, including a luxurious 7-day retreat in Santorini, Greece. You know… just in case you want to relax on your private terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea and feel like a goddess IRL. I’ll tell you more about that retreat—and other events that are coming up soon.

To attend this live webinar (or watch the recording later), register here

Tech issues? Questions? Problems? Please reach out to support@shyatt.com

See you on August 1st at 12 noon CT!



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