August 9, 2020

You don’t need to have it “all figured out.”

Some people feel called to start a business because they are driven by a purpose. 

A strong mission or cause. “I want to eradicate racism.” “I want to help couples stay married and avoid divorce.” “I want to teach meditation to thousands of kids.” “I want to change the world!”

But some people don’t have a crystal clear purpose…at first. 

And if that’s you? That is completely okay.

Maybe right now, you feel like: 

“I don’t know what my ‘purpose’ is. I’m not clear on that yet. What I do know is…I feel stifled in my current career. I want change. I don’t want to work in a cubicle anymore. I don’t want to be someone’s employee forever. I just want to feel free. That’s all I know.”

If “freedom” is the only thing that feels clear right now, that is okay, and that is enough. 

Focus on creating the freedom you crave. Start there. Your big purpose will arrive later.

I have a colleague who quit her 9-to-5 cubicle job and honestly had no clue what kind of business she wanted to start. No clear vision. No purpose. No mission. No nothing.

She promised herself, “I will give myself one year. I will try various things. I will experiment. I will try my best to earn a living as a self-employed person. After one year, if I am totally broke, then I can always go get another job.”

She did not fail. She’s thriving. She didn’t have a clear purpose at first, but eventually she found it.

Bottom line:

If you feel called to start a new business or project…

  • You don’t need a crystal clear purpose or vision or 5-year-plan on day one.
  • You don’t need a gorgeous $10,000 website with all the trimmings.
  • You don’t need to have “everything figured out.”
  • You just need to begin.

Figure out some ways you could get paid to help people. Reach out to friends and family. Let them know what you are offering. Line up a few paying clients. Start there. Keep it simple. 

As you walk the path, the answers you seek will become clear.

For now?

Just begin.

PS. Have you watched the latest episode of Go Time TV? It’s called *Become a Time Creator* and it’s all about creating the time you need…instead of constantly feeling busy! Watch and get inspired to play bigger! It’s time for more.



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