November 26, 2017

Fierce * Feminist * Badass * LadyBoss Holiday Gift Guide!

Let the SLAY bells ring, ladies!

If you’re scrambling to sort out your holiday shopping, scramble no longer.

Every year, I love putting together a holiday gift guide filled with all my favorite things.

Wherever possible, I’ve selected items created by female business owners and artists—plus a few other items that are just too good not to include.

Enjoy! Happy shopping!

Remember: you don’t “need” to spend money to show people how much you love them. But if you’re going to spend some money, well… you should probably spend it on this awesome stuff. 🙂

Under $10

  A “Nevertheless, she persisted” temporary tattoo. $3.49 for a set of two. One for you. One for your best girlfriend.

Gold feminist pencils inscribed with phrases like “Sharpen your mind” and “Hustle for justice.” Yup. I bet you know someone who needs these. $8.95 for a set of six pencils.

The only holiday card you’ll ever need. It simply says: Trump is a jackass. Merry Christmas! For those times when you want to get straight to the point. $5.

Fancy, washable linen napkins. I have a client who switched from paper napkins to linen and it changed her life. Every time she sat down for a meal, her pretty linen napkins reminded her to slow down, breathe, savor her food, and eat more mindfully. She ended up losing over 40 pounds because those napkins inspired her to take better care of herself. True story. $6 and up.

— Or, make a $10 donation to the world-changing organization of your choice, in honor of someone you love. My favorites: Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, and She Should Run, or any organization that speaks to your heart. There are so many worthy causes to choose from. No donation is too small. Every dollar helps.

Under $20

The Royal Tea Blend from Fortnum and Mason is the BEST TEA EVER. It comes in a gorgeous blue tin and it will transport you to a stately English country manor. It’s like drinking liquid Downton Abbey. And they ship internationally! £12.50 (about $16.35 US).

— Also, Fortnum and Mason makes lavender honey which is to DIE for. £12.95 (about $16.95 US).

Chocolate from Vosges, a female-run company that makes the prettiest, most delicious chocolates on earth, like this Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bar. STFU.

A coffee mug that says “Nasty Women Keep Fighting.” YUP. NECESSARY. $13.97.

— For your LadyBoss Book Club: What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country by Helen Russell. Chasing Light by White House photographer Amanda Lucidon, a collection of intimate portraits of Michelle Obama.

Under $50

This t-shirt, which says: “A woman’s place is in the House… and the Senate.” $24 plus shipping. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS.

— Wondering about a big decision—like selling your home or going after a new job? Need some cosmic guidance? Treat yourself—or someone you love—to a Tarot reading with Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady. She’s the best in the biz. She offers digital gift certificates that you can email to your lucky recipient, which means you don’t have to wrap or mail anything!

Buy a year-long subscription to BUST magazine for someone you love. Hands down, the coolest women’s magazine on the planet. They’ll think of you fondly every single month, whenever the latest issue arrives!

The BARE Deck. This beautiful illustrated deck includes 52 cards, each with an empowering message for women and girls. I created this deck and I’m so proud of how it turned out. It’s $19.99 plus shipping. We ship everywhere in the world.

$50 and up

The Instant Pot. It’s usually around $90 but sometimes you can get it on sale for less. This little pressure-cooker has changed my life. You can cook anything in it—steel cut oats, chicken and rice, chili, stew, you name it. It’s a miracle device. I’m obsessed.

These silky, decadent pajamas from YOLKE will ruin you, because you won’t want to wear anything else ever again. They’re spendy—but worth it.

— It’s hard to go wrong with a really nice bottle of champagne. For a special occasion, or just because it’s Tuesday, or just because we made it through this cray-cray year.

A BARE DAILY membership. As a member, you get daily inspiration—including videos, podcasts, workouts, recipes, challenges, prizes, and more—to help you take excellent care of your body, eat well, boost your energy, and conquer your goals.

BARE DAILY members shed extra pounds and have all kinds of amazing physical transformations—but the real magic is the emotional transformation that takes place. More courage. More confidence. More of everything you want. Get a membership here. You can participate online from anywhere in the world. (And if you want to get a “gift membership” for a woman you love, email and we’ll hook you up.)

— A sexy neon light fixture. I have one that says FUCK because that’s how I roll. LOL. But perhaps you’d prefer one that says THANKFUL or KAPOW! or GOOD VIBES.

It’s wonderful to be generous with your energy, skills, ideas, and lovely gifts. However, please don’t forget to treat YOURSELF to something wonderful, too—whether it’s pedicure, a plane ticket to visit a friend that you really miss, or a quiet evening at home with your fave TV show or book.

Don’t wait for “Santa” to make your holiday wishes come true—because that might never happen! To avoid disappointment, get your dream gift or experience for yourself. (I always do. Satisfaction: guaranteed.)

Happy holidays and merry everything!



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