December 9, 2018

Fierce * Feminist * Badass * Holiday Gift Guide

Let the SLAY bells ring, ladies! 

If you’re scrambling to sort out your holiday shopping, scramble no longer. 

Every year, I put together a big guide with all my favorite holiday gift ideas. Not just “products,” but meaningful experiences and philanthropic ideas, too. 

The 2018 gift guide is DOWN BELOW! Ho ho ho, hallelujah, and happy shopping!

You’ll see gift ideas ranging from “zero dollars” to “one hundred dollars” and above. Wherever possible, I’ve selected items created by female business owners and artists—plus a few other items that are just too good not to include. 






* Record a quick audio message for someone you love using to say, “I’m so grateful you’re part of my life, and here are 3 reasons why…” and email it to them. Want to make a video message instead of audio? Use

* Get a piece of paper. Write a list called, “Five reasons why you are a strong, powerful, inspiring woman” and mail it to someone you love. Remind them, “You should probably run for President one day.”

* Ask a friend, “Do you have a public library card?” If they don’t, download the form and ask, “May I fill out this form so you can get one?” Handle the paperwork, get them a card, and BOOM, you just gave your friend THOUSANDS of free books. 

* Reach out to a woman you love and tell her, “You inspired me to _____.” For instance, “You inspired me to start working out consistently and take better care of myself.” “You inspired me to ask for a raise.” “You inspired me to get involved in local politics and activism instead of sitting on the sidelines.” She will be so touched to hear how she has influenced your life! She might have no idea!


* Bare: A 7-Week Program to Transform Your Body, Get More Energy, Feel Amazing, and Become the Bravest, Most Unstoppable Version of You

My new book is available for pre-order! Order now—and get a bundle of “thank you” gifts to keep you occupied until the book arrives in March 2019. 

* Girl Power Cards and Woman Cards

A deck of cards featuring portraits of women and girls who have changed the world. So freaking cool.

* Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

Y’all are constantly asking me, “How do you get your hair to make those soft beachy waves?” Answer: with THIS AMAZING TOOL! It will change your hair game. A great gift for yourself—or for someone else!

* Merry Resistmas Mug, Mats, and More

Persist and stay strong even when the world feels dark and exhausting. Keep fighting for fairness, peace, dignity, and justice for all. Resist toxic masculinity and oppression. Merry Resistmas, ladies! I love this collection of Resistmas coffee mugs, door mats, tree ornaments, sweaters, and more, starting around 13 dollars.

* The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong . . . and You Can Too!

Have you ever wondered how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stays strong and energetic even though she’s in her mid 80s??! The woman is UNSTOPPABLE! Now you can learn her secrets by reading this book, written by her personal trainer. Take care of your physical health so you’ve got plenty of strength to vote, fundraise, run for office, run your household, or run your business.

* Queer Eye: Love Yourself. Love Your Life

The new book from the cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye. It’s a book that’s all about self-care and loving yourself and feeling confident and powerful and it’s 2,000% delightful from cover to cover.

* Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming

OBVIOUSLY. Get it for yourself and for everyone on your list. A must read. The audiobook version is fabulous, too. Michelle reads it herself! You get to listen to Michelle’s calming, graceful, powerful voice for NINETEEN HOURS. Joy to the world!

* The Royal Tea Blend from Fortnum and Mason 

My FAVORITE TEA EVER. It comes in a pretty blue tin and it will transport you to a stately English country manor. It’s like drinking liquid Downton Abbey. And they ship internationally! Also, Fortnum and Mason makes French lavender honey which is to DIE for.


* The GO TIME! 2019 Planner

My team and I designed this planner and WE ARE OBSESSED! It’s gorgeous. It’s got space to write down your daily, monthly, and quarterly goals. It’s got tips on how to upgrade your mindset and feel optimistic, confident, and powerful. And so much more. Order by December 15 and you get a fancy pen and a few other special treats!

* The Glossier Beauty Hero Duo

Shower like a queen! I love this body wash + creamy hydrating lotion duo. Your skin will glow like whoa. People will be like, “Are you a unicorn? Are you a mermaid? What is happening with your skin right now?”

* Feminist Tank Tops

So many colors, styles, and sizes! I want them allllllll. I mean c’mon, how cute is this??! Most are around 30 bucks.

* Donate to a worthy cause

Philanthropy is always a classy gift. Make a $50 donation (or more, whatever you can afford) to the organization of your choice—in honor of someone you love. Some of my favorites: Planned Parenthood, RAINN, the Me Too Movement, Black Lives Matter, and She Should Run, or any organization that speaks to your heart. There are so many worthy causes to choose from. No donation is too small. Every dollar helps.


* The Instapot

I am NOT someone who enjoys cooking. Eating? Hell yes. Cooking? Not so much. However, this is the ONE kitchen gadget I actually use consistently—and it has genuinely improved my life! I use it to make soups, stews, chili, chicken and rice, all kinds of things. I love that you can just dump ingredients into it and then “set it and forget it” and magical things happen. 

* Voluspa Candles

The most luxurious candles on earth. So many gorgeous fragrances, like Champagne and Baltic Amber and Goji Tarocco Orange. I have no clue what a Tarocco Orange is, but it sounds like something that Beyonce would have growing in a sumptuous grove of trees next to her mansion, so… I want it.

* The Astro-Biz Digest

For the bad-ass biz owner who loves astrology, get them a 1-year subscription to Theresa Reed’s Astro-Biz Digest. They’ll get an astrological forecast once a week, like clockwork, with all the important dates to know about. Ideal dates for having client meetings, ideal dates for launching a new product, ideal dates for signing contracts, all kinds of things. SO GOOD. (Theresa also does 1-on-1 Tarot readings and Astrology readings if you want some personalized action, too!)


* Beetling Around Cashmere Slippers

Super soft and luxurious slippers for your tired feet. Slip into these after a long day of crushing the patriarchy. (In many cultures, ladybugs and other beetles are considered to be good luck!)

* Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

I love these. Totally wireless. No cords dangling around. I use them literally every single day for doing phone calls with clients, listening to music and podcasts, or blocking out sound if I’m on a plane and want some quiet time.

* BARE Daily 1-Year Membership

Do you know a woman who’s struggling to make self-care a priority? She’s always “giving” to other people, but she doesn’t always make time to take care of herself? Give her a BARE Daily Membership. She’ll get videos, workouts, recipes, personal attention from a Certified BARE Coach, encouragement and support from other members, and more. A beautiful way to reconnect with your body, upgrade your health, and start putting YOU on the top of your priority list. 


* Don’t forget to TREAT YOURSELF to something wonderful, too!

Whether it’s pedicure, a plane ticket to visit a friend that you miss so much, or a quiet evening at home with your fave TV show or book. 

Don’t wait for “Santa” to make your holiday wishes come true—because that might never happen! To avoid disappointment, get your dream gift or experience for yourself. (I always do. Satisfaction: guaranteed.) 

Happy holidays and merry everything!






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