October 25, 2020

Feminist Action Plan

Can you tick off every item on this checklist by November 3rd? 

Oh yes you can!

[   ] Vote! 

If you are voting by mail, be sure to mail in your ballot early, because there are lots of mail delays due to COVID-19 and other factors.

[   ] Remind (at least) 5 people to vote. 

Tell your friends, “Go to vote.org to double check that you are registered to vote. Even if you think you are, double check anyway. Because people get removed from registered voter lists all the time…often by mistake. It doesn’t hurt to check!”

People I will remind: 

  1. ______________________________________
  2. ______________________________________
  3. ______________________________________
  4. ______________________________________
  5. ______________________________________

[   ] Get educated. 

Do you know the names of your local Senators? Your Mayor? Do you know the names of all the current Supreme Court Justices? If not, take a few minutes to Google them and get up to speed. 

This Ballotpedia site is a great place to begin. Enter your address to find out who represents you. 

You can also visit a website called On the Issues to find out any politician’s stance on immigration, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQI rights, and more. 

[   ] Donate (any amount) to She Should Run

An organization that helps women run for office and get elected. Yes, even $1 helps!

[   ] Use your skills to help women rise higher. 

You’re a public speaking expert? Donate an hour of your time to coach a local female politician and help her prep for speeches, media appearances, and debates. 

You’re a stylist? Donate a session to help her choose powerful outfits and get camera-ready. No matter who you are, you have valuable skills, and you have something to contribute.

[   ] Commit to being anti-racist.

Do you know what the term “anti-racist” means? Are you committed to being anti-racist? What anti-racist steps have you taken recently? 

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, get educated. 

For starters, if you’re a business owner (or even if you’re not), watch the Town Hall Meeting on How to Build An Anti-Racist Business hosted by Rachel Rodgers. And then sign the Anti-Racist Business Pledge. Do the action steps outlined in the Pledge. 

[   ] Compliment a woman or girl for something other than her physical appearance. 

Say, “You’re so focused.” “You’re a great storyteller—you have such a way with words!” “I admire how determined you are.” “You care deeply about others, and I love that about you.” (Extra credit: Do this daily.)

[   ] Do something that makes you uncomfortable. 

Activism is not supposed to be “comfortable.” If you are engaging in activism, and you feel “cozy” doing it, then you are probably not doing enough. 

Stretch outside your comfort zone. This could mean: writing an essay (or posting something on social media) to share your opinions publicly, standing up to a bully, donating more to a cause than you normally would, taking a course to learn more about white privilege, or admitting you made a mistake, apologizing, and vowing to do more and do better.

[   ] Above all, do things that make you feel powerful. 

This can mean: move your body regularly, eat food that gives you energy, prioritize your sleep and self-care, set boundaries to protect your mental health (limit social media time, no phone in the bedroom, etc.), or get professional coaching or therapy.

This also means: stop dieting, stop counting carbs, stop obsessing about your weight, stop engaging in unhealthy behavior that distracts you, exhausts you, steals your time, or makes you feel worthless and powerless. 

The world needs you feeling strong and mighty. 

Do things, every day, that make you feel powerful.

. . . 

All done?

Did you complete this entire checklist? Excellent! 

Take a photo of your completed checklist and post on social. Tag me on Instagram (@susanhyatt) so I can see. 

Then print more copies of this checklist and give ‘em out to women and girls in your life. Encourage your community to do these action steps, too. 

Together we rise. Together we can travel so far. Together we will build a better world.



Feminist Action Plan

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