May 13, 2014

Feeling guilty because your life is awesome — but your friends are still stuck? Read this.

Eight years ago, you would not have recognized me.
I was stuck in a job that drained the light out of my eyes, carrying around thirty more pounds than I wanted (or needed).
Every morning, it was a monumental effort just to pull myself out of bed.
Every night, I collapsed back into bed … bitter, bored and exhausted.
If you had asked me, “Susan: What are your greatest passions in life?” I would have said: “Passions? I’m too exhausted to even think about it. Pass that tub of ice cream, will ya?”
But one day, I hit my breaking point.
Something snapped — in a good way — and I decided to stop making excuses and create a life I could be proud of.
For my sake. For my kids’ sake. For the sake of my health, my marriage, and my spirit.
There was no other option. I simply had to change.
And I did.
It didn’t happen instantly, but hundreds of baby steps later …
I created the life that I craved.
The strong, healthy body. The smokin’ hot sex life (ooh, yes!). The career of my dreams. Cashflow, on my terms. Time to rest, play and travel. Creative projects that stoked my fire — like writing a book, launching a dinner party series and eventually, producing & starring in my very own TV show.
But as my life changed for the better, I noticed something kinda crazy:
There were times when I felt guilty for taking steps to change my life.
(And even guiltier for savoring the rewards.)
Particularly if the people around me were struggling, while I was soaring.
But guess what?
Guilt does NOT have to be a side effect of your self-improvement.
There’s a very simple phrase you can tell yourself, to free yourself from that nonsense.
Here it comes:

That’s all you need to remember.
By creating what you crave and refusing to settle for anything less, you become an inspiration to others.
Every time you say “yes!” to that workout instead of staying on the couch …
Every time you say “now!” to building your dream career, instead of grinding away at a job that you hate …
Every time you sing out, aim higher, choose self-love over self-destruction …
… you show the people around you what’s possible.
So, don’t hide your happy.
We need your light not your guilt.


PS. Do YOU ever feel bad for being awesome? What do you tell yourself to get through it?



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