November 24, 2015

Family Pizza Night


We’ve started a new tradition around here and it’s called Family Pizza Night. Delish, right?!

I make this recipe from The Gracious Pantry and it’s banaynay good.

I love that it’s a clean recipe and everyone in the Hyatt house gets to choose their own toppings! Some of mine include onions, green and red peppers, mushrooms, garlic, and chicken.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.13.56 PM


  • marinara or clean pizza sauce
  • low-fat cheese, shredded
  • clean pesto sauce
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • peppers
  • pineapple
  • cooked chicken, shredded or cut into small pieces
  • shrimp
  • spinach
  • mushrooms
  • basil (best put on AFTER the pizza is cooked)
  • olives
  • anchovies (yes, I said anchovies)
  • just about anything else you like on a pizza
I buy this crust, but if you want to be fancy, you can make this pizza dough.

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