Meet the Faculty

Susan Hyatt

  • Founder of the University for Life Coach Training
  • Master Certified Life and Business Coach.
  • Creator of the trademarked Bare program for women and Bold for girls and teens.
  • Bestselling author of Bare: Transform Your Body, Get More Energy, Feel Amazing, and Become the Bravest, Most Unstoppable Version of You
  • Finalist for the Athena Award, honoring excellence in the field of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.
  • Host of The Rich Coach Club Podcast and Go Time TV.
  • 20 years experience coaching clients in private practice, 15 years experience in training and mentoring professional coaches.
  • Sought-after motivational speaker and media personality, as seen in O: The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s World, and many other publications.

“You only get one body. Give it love. You only get one life. Make it count. And you only get one voice. Use it boldly.”

– Susan Hyatt

Patti Rantapaa

  • Master Certified Life Coach.
  • Master Certified Bare Coach.
  • Business Coach with Susan Hyatt, Inc.
  • Experienced in stress and time management, dealing with exhaustion and burnout, healing body image issues, and releasing perfectionism.
  • She’ll help you understand how you can manage your time, wave goodbye to burnout, and empower yourself to be the best version of you!

Mako Ward

  • Clinical Assistant Professor & Faculty Head of African & African American Studies at Arizona State University
  • Co-founder of Women Who Rock, a community collective & digital archive at the University of Washington
  • Served as curriculum lead in the development of online courses through partnership between ASU & Starbucks to address bias and difference with sympathy, empathy, and compassion.
  • Contributing blogger for The Conversation, Huffington Post, Praxis Center, and Ms..
  • Publisher of essays on body ethics and aesthetics among women of color, media and gender images in popular culture, and women’s political organizations.
  • She’ll help you understand personal bias and how we can move into a space of deeper understanding, creating a better world for you and your clients.

Ana Verzone

  • Master Certified Life Coach
  • Host of The Rebel Buddhist Podcast.
  • Experienced in women’s health, international and refugee healthcare, and understanding the effects of trauma.
  • B.A. Psychology from the University of California, as well as 3 Master’s and 1 Doctorate Degree in Nursing.
  • She’ll help you climb mountains, understand the effects of trauma, and make sure you know the best approaches when working with clients.

Chrissy Ball

  • Hollywood Stuntwoman in movies like Dune, X-Men, and Dark Knight Rises.
  • Certified Life Coach.
  • On Camera Coach to Executives & Entrepreneurs.
  • Professional Speaker with experience presenting to large groups.
  • Former MSU gymnast and contributing writer for Sports Illustrated
  • She’ll help you feel empowered to set big goals, reach new heights, and feel confident no matter what you’re doing!

La Shell Wooten

  • Life Coach, Consultant, and Lecturer at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Social Work.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from City University of New York City College.
  • Master’s in Social Work from New York University..
  • Experienced curriculum designer, instructor, and speaker with a focus on creating supportive learning environments to ensure team member’s success.
  • She’ll help you set expectations and prioritize your goals through creativity and calculated risk-taking!

Rae McDaniel

  • Founder and CEO of Practical Audacity and GenderFck.
  • Licensed Clinical Therapist, Gender Specialist, and Certified Sex Therapist (CST).
  • Experienced in online coaching, group therapy, and working with marginalized communities.
  • They will help you understand how to enhance your allyship, connect with individuals in the LGBTQIA community, breakdown your assumptions, and understand affirming language.

Dr. Elysa Roberts

  • Empowers womxn to reach their potential without sabotaging their bodies, sacrificing chores, getting fired, going broke, becoming hermits, or depriving their loved ones
  • BARE Certified Coach since 2018, Certified Life Purpose/Career Coach since 2010 and Certified in Foundations of Coaching since 2003
  • 20+ years of university teaching in entry-level and post-graduate degrees
  • Expert with Experience in advocacy and research associated with recovery from an eating disorder
  • Registered and licensed occupational therapist since 1993
  • Early clinical experience with marginalized Veterans living with combat-stress and chronic disease or acute injuries
  • Known as a trailblazer in emerging areas of practice by occupational therapy teachers
  • Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Occupational Therapy
  • B.A. degree in Sociology
  • Moved to Australia (from USA) at age 44 – she had no husband, no kids, no pets, no mortgage, and a job offer.  She’s still there.
  • She’ll inspire you to pursue your passions, blaze trails inspired by your why and value how scientific evidence can inform your coaching

Nicole Iacovoni

  • Founder & Clinical Director of Willow Tree Wellness & Counseling
  • Financial Therapist & Licensed Psychotherapist with 18 years experience working in mental health
  • Creator of the trademarked Money Therapy program
  • B.A. Psychology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • Master’s in Clinical Social Work from the University of Denver
  • Thought-provoking guest and media contributor as seen in CNBCBusiness InsiderUp JourneyInsider, and Hello Giggles
  • Experienced in teaching advanced clinical/interviewing skills, ethics, building & maintaining client rapport, working with difficult clients, mind-body interventions, and couple’s therapy techniques
  • She’ll help you build swoonworthy, long-lasting relationships with clients, learn skills for helping them experience incredible results, and create a booming business and bursting bank account.

Kanesha Baynard

  • Author, creativity expert, and productivity specialist. 
  • Founder of the Bold Living Today community—helping people disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity. 
  • Specializes in helping teens and parents (re)connect through her Individual Connectedness program. 
  • Supports creatives through brainstorming sessions, ideation bootcamp, and business development mapping.
  • Featured in Fast Company, HuffPost Live,  U.S. News and World Report, TiLT Parenting Podcast, Parents Magazine, WVON 1690 AM radio, the Chicago Tribune, and the Dr. Oz Show.

Moe Carrick

  • Founder of Moementum, Inc.
  • Author of two non-fiction business books focused on helping everyone thrive at work and probably will write another one or two.
  • Spoke on stages at Tedx and SXSW, even pioneered the first coverage with Fast Company magazine on extreme off-site team building.
  • As a white, US-born, heterosexual woman, Moe strives to use her privilege with grace to surface assumptions that interfere with teams and to explore systemic patterns.
  • From making apple butter, to studying literature; from serving as a wilderness guide with NOLS and Outward Bound to donning a suit and working inside corporate America, Moe loves adventures of the body and the heart. After grad school studying organizational development, Moe traded out her fleece for shoulder pads and jumped into business when the cellular industry was ramping up. She still remembers clearly the joy of holding a phone the size of a bread loaf to talk to her Dad in Boston from a street in Seattle.
  • Her best role ever has been mother of three, each of whom, miraculously, have made it to adulthood despite her poor cooking and issues with time management.

C. René Washington

  • Master-certified life coach, career coach, speaker, author and renaissance woman.
  • She’s a co-creator and founding partner of Career Triage HQ, a company that provides coaching services to women who need career and life pivots when things have gone off the rails. She’s known around the world for proclaiming, living, and coaching women to let their mindshit go and thrive. You can visit her online at or purchase her book, Take The Trip! 4 Journeys Every Midlife Woman Needs To Live In Purpose and Freedom at or Amazon.
  • Her zone of genius is coaching clients through successfully navigating major life transitions by breaking down mental blocks keeping them from achieving their goals and dreams.

Star Rose Bond

  • Licenced Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Coach | Consultant | Activist
  • Specializing in Trauma & Trauma-informed Care, PTSD & Addiction Recovery, Harm Reduction, Relationships/Intimacy and Alternatives to Incarceration
  • B.A. in Social Work w/ a Concentration in Gender & Feminist Studies from NYU
  • Master’s Degree (MSSW) in Social Work and Program Development from Columbia University
  • Co-Founder of Life Camp International 
  • Extensive experience working for multiple non-profits and grassroots organizations in under-served communities; implementing trauma-informed care as well participating in local outreach initiatives. 
  • Former Collaborator at Planned Parenthood NYC, International Rescue Committee NYC, NYHRE NYC Harm Reduction & Volunteers of America.
  • Star combines her unique personal history of healing and professional expertise with her love for neuro-science and teaches people from ALL walks of life how to overcome trauma, authenticate their story and own the f*ck out their legacy. 
  • She is a rebel hearted, loud-mouth New Yorker that is currently nestled away in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. Star is a Lover of Hip-hop, ethnobotany and psychedelics, books, art, dancing and pretty much anything w/ chocolate in it.

Staci Danford

  • CEO and Founder of The Grateful Brain
  • Master’s Degree in Mind, Brain & Education
  • TEDx Speaker
  • Fort Worth Top Teacher of The Year
  • Member of The Center for Brain Health at The Brain Performance Institute of Dallas
  • Award Winning Educator with 25 years of Teaching Experience
  • Certified in The Foundations of Happiness at Work
  • Team Building & Program Development
  • Member of The Greater Good Science Center

Lin Eleoff

  • Founder of Gutsy Glorious Living 
  • Master Certified Life and Business Coach
  • Author of Amazon Bestseller Gutsy Glorious Life Coach: How to Turn Your Life Coaching Practice into a Soulful Money-Making Business
  • Lawyer and founder of Cover Your Assets Online, dedicated to helping women protect themselves while building their businesses online
  • Writer for American Bar Association on topics related to life coaching and well-being
  • Lin believes that “entrepreneurship has the power to heal us, and when we heal ourselves, woman by woman, we heal the world.”  
  • She’ll help you build a gutsyass life coaching business that not only makes you money but also makes you happy!

Gwen Hall

  • Over 30+ years’ experience in the talent and organizational space.
  • She is well-known and highly sought after as a strategic and visionary development and execution expert with a gift of transforming individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Executive, business, strengths and life coach with several talent and facilitation certifications.