May 12, 2020

Excuses to the MOON and back.

What’s holding you back from…

– Running a profitable business.

– Earning significantly more money.

– Having the life and career of your dreams.

– Or, sending out that damn newsletter to promote your services and get more clients—you know, the newsletter you promised your business coach that you’d blast out 3 weeks ago except you haven’t done it yet, hmmmm?!

What’s the issue, boo? 

What’s the block?

Is it not having enough time? Not enough energy? There’s a bluebird gently chirping outside your window and it’s really distracting you and interrupting your flow?

I’ve heard so many excuses over the years from my own brain—and from my clients too. 

If I typed ‘em all out, the excuses would reach to the MOON and back. 

For efficiency’s sake, I’d like to erase all the top excuses right here, right now.

Read this. All of it.  Consider your excuses obliterated. Once and for all. 

“I can’t achieve my goals because I’ve got kids. I’m too busy parenting.”

Rachel has 4 kids and runs a multi-million dollar business as an intellectual property attorney and business advisor. 

She’s black. She wasn’t raised in an affluent family. She has every disadvantage you could imagine. She is wealthy not “in spite” of her kids but “because” of her kids. 

Those beautiful kids are Rachel’s #1 motivation to earn more.

She works hard to make millions because she wants them to have a private school education, experience international travel, and inherit real estate one day. (And she wants her kids to remember their mom as an ambitious woman who fiercely pursued her dreams.)

You can allow your kids to hold you back. 

Or you can decide, “These kids are my fuel. They’re my reason for hauling myself outta bed, getting to work, and making big things happen.”

. . . 

“I can’t achieve my goals because I’m too old/too young.”

Greta Thunberg is 17 and changing the world.

Oprah Winfrey is 66 and (still) changing the world.

Grandma Moses first picked up a paintbrush at age 76 and painted right until the end of her life at age 101. She created more than 1,000 paintings over the span of her career. Her work has been enjoyed by crowds at MOMA in NYC and praised by US Presidents. 

Too old? 

Get over yourself. 


. . . 

“I can’t achieve my goals because my Internet connection is slow, there’s noisy constructions outside my office window, there are so many delays and distractions!”

My client Sundae lives in the one of the poorest nations on earth. You wanna talk about distractions?! People literally try to steal the COPPER out of her PHONE WIRES while she’s on the phone with clients! Yet she finds a way to make her business work. Her motto is “Get results, no matter where you live.” It’s literally the tagline of her website.

And you want to complain about your first-world Internet connection? BISH PLEASE. You’re fine. You have everything you need. 

. . .

“I can’t achieve my goals because I’m don’t have enough time. Life is busy!”

You’re damn right about that! Life is full and demanding. That’s why my alarm goes off at 5 a.m. daily—before dawn—and I squeeze in my morning workout, coffee, gratitude journaling, and mental prep for the day all before 7 a.m. 

Organize your time like a #boss. Treat every hour of your day like it’s worth $10,000. Discipline creates more freedom, not less.

. . . 

“I can’t achieve my goals because I’m all alone. I don’t have support.”

Nobody is alone. 

If you’re reading this message, that means you have Internet access, which means you have the ability to find grants, scholarships, and yes, plenty of low-cost and free options.

Support is at your fingertips 24/7. 

Help is everywhere. 

. . .

“I can’t achieve my goals because hiring help is too expensive.”

Hiring help isn’t as expensive as many people think. 

You could pay a local teen or college student $150 (10 hours x $15 per hour) to run errands for you: post office, grocery shopping, dinner prep, walk the dogs, fold laundry, pack school lunches for the kiddos, etc.—freeing up 10 hours of your precious time. 

What could you do with an extra 10 hours this week? A lot! 

That’s 10 hours you could use to market your services, enroll clients, and make big $$$. 

A relatively small $150 investment in hiring help can quickly turn into $1,500 (or more) in client bookings, deposits, sales! Totally worth it. 

. . .

“I can’t achieve my goals because I have a physical and/or mental illness, disability, etc. ”

Your challenges can be your strengths. 

Your pain can be the source of your best, most inspirational work.

Esme doesn’t hide her mental illness. She writes openly and honestly about the challenges of being ambitious—while dealing with health limitations. Her vulnerability has led to a devoted fanbase, media platform, book deal, and beyond. She has helped thousands of people to feel less alone.

Grace has battled numerous illnesses over the years, inspiring her to create Trailblazing Wellness—a company that’s all about helping people with illnesses and disabilities to pursue their dreams, get plenty of self-care, be well, and thrive. 

Kyeli is a plus-size, body-positive, queer photographer, poet, wife, and mom who cruises around in a wheelchair (or using a cane), due to injuries sustained after being hit by a car in 2014. And she does it with her signature nose ring and beaming smile, lookin’ cute as hell.

Being unstoppable is an attitude.

. . . 

What else you got? 

Throw your best excuses at me. 

I will rip them to shreds. 

Why? Because I want you to have more of whatever you crave—more money, more freedom, more power. Creating more starts in your mind. So if you’ve got excuses, reach out. 

Email your #EXCUSES to my team: 

You might get a personal reply from one of my team members. 

Or I might address your excuse in a future email or podcast episode. 

Or both.



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