November 27, 2016



Haaaaay there!

I hope you are already signed up for my webinar on December 6th—the one about how to finish 2016 strong and get your plans in place for 2017—it’s going to be amazingggggg!

I’ll bring much energy, optimism, and determination to the class. I know it’s been a rocky, emotional year for so many of us—for so many reasons—but in 25 days, a new year is beginning. Fresh start. Fresh plans. It’s time to rise and soar.

Speaking of 2017… if you’d like to travel with me, work with me, party with me, march with me, and make a scene with me in the new year, here’s a list of EVERYTHING that we can do together. (And… there’s a “shocking surprise twist” down at the very bottom—LOL—so don’t skip that section!)






All of my 2017 retreats are SOLD OUT except for one: The Scottish Castle Retreat. April 23 – 29, 2017. And yes, we are LITERALLY staying at a castle. This is one of those “remember forever” trips that you’ll tell your grandkids about one day and they’ll be like, “Damn. Grandma is cool.” I have 2 remaining spots and you can make a deposit HERE.




A SLAY DAY is a 1-on-1 coaching intensive. We spend an entire day together—just you and me—at a swanky 5-star location. We can firm up your biz plan for the next 2-5 years. We can brainstorm new revenue ideas. We can clarify your mission, your legacy—the big work that you were born to do. One SLAY DAY client told me, “This was the most productive day of my entire career.” Yaaasss. That’s what I love to hear!


Next available SLAY DAY: January 23, 2017 in Washington DC at The Hay Adams You’ll find info on the hotel, how the day flows, and how to make a deposit… all right HERE.



Re-TREAT Yo Self is a training program specifically for people who want to learn how to plan & sell out live events.


It’s happening this January. 


It’s a combination of virtual training, 1-on-1 coaching with me, and face-to-face training at a 5-star hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. You can find all the deets HERE.



BARE is a program for women who want to lose weight, feel amazing, and show up stronger and braver in every area of their lives. 


This is weight loss like you’ve never seen it before. No dieting. No carb-counting. No grueling boot camp workouts. None of that bullshit. If you’re ready to stop punishing your body and start treating your body like a friend, this program is for you.


I love BARE because the transformation is more than just “physical.” I’ve watched BARE participants get promotions and raises, book long overdue vacations, and find the courage to do all kinds of things they’d been postponing for way too long. This program doesn’t just shrink your waistline—it expands your whole life.


The next session is happening April 4 – May 16, 2017. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Hold your spot with a deposit right HERE. 




If you’re a life coach, wellness coach, women’s empowerment coach, fitness trainer, or anyone else who works with women on food, weight, and body-image issues, then I’d LOVE to train you and certify you as a BARE Weight Loss Process Coach. 


I’ll teach you my trademarked BARE process—and then you’ll have a fabulous new credential to add to your toolkit. 


The next certification program begins on February 19, 2017. You can sign up right HERE


My dream: a badass army of BARE coaches, all around the world, showing women: “You don’t have to diet, starve, and punish yourself. You don’t have to obsess over your weight. You are so much MORE than your weight. There’s another way to live—and I can show you the way.”


I’ve certified 12 BARE coaches to date, and… you can be next. 




Imagine a wild, epic, unforgettable dinner party filled with the coolest women you’ve ever met. Nobody is staring at their phones or sighing in boredom. Everybody is talking excitedly, sharing their goals, nodding, high-fiving, hugging, and the sparkling wine is flowing. Also: there’s AMAZING food, party favors, music, and surprises. Yup. That’s GIRLFRIENDS GONE WILD.


Next GGW event: Saturday, January 21, 2017. Inauguration Weekend. Washington DC. We’re going to march on Capitol Hill, protest, and make a scene… and then eat, drink, and make our “Nasty Woman” plans for 2017. Ladies are flying into DC from all around the country to be there. To book a seat at the dinner table, click HERE.


Next GGW event after that: TBD. I’ll definitely do a special GGW dinner party to celebrate my 10 Year Business Anniversary, but I haven’t decided on a location yet. Stay tuned for dates and details.




Being a professional coach. Being a professional coach who actually makes money. There’s a difference. 


If you want to turn your coaching passion into a solid, profitable, grown-up business—with lots of clients and consistent income—CLEAR COACHES is the program for you.


The next session begins on March 31, 2017. 


This will be the 14th session of my CLEAR COACHES program, and I’m pulling out all the stops! Brand new videos. Brand new curriculum. Brand new worksheets. Every element: super tight and focused. 


I’m offering 3 enrollment levels, so you can choose whatever works for your schedule, preferences, and budget. We’re still finalizing all the details, but you can sign up here to be the first to know when registration opens.




I am not slowing down AT ALL in 2017. 


You can continue to expect: free webinars, free episodes of my GO! Podcast every Monday, a passionate Sermon delivered to your inbox every Sunday, spontaneous Facebook Live videosInstagram peeks into my life and biz, and all of that good stuff.


I give generously to the peeps in my business community—I always have, and I love it—and I hope you enjoy all of the materials that I send out every week! I certainly love creating them for you.


Side note: if you didn’t already see this, definitely check out my FREE digital magazine, RISE & SOAR. It’s a travel magazine filled with gorgeous photos, essays, vacation #inspo and original artwork. It’s sooo pretty. I typically release a free magazine once a year, and this one is my favorite EVER. Download it HERE.




Ooh, I promised a twist… and here it is!


As you can see, I’ve got a ton of cool stuff scheduled for 2017. 


But I kept some extra space on my calendar for a Mystery Project. 


Mystery Project = a new program, class, event, retreat, experience, or coaching package based on what YOU want most. 


Topic? Up to you. Dates? Also up to you. Online, in-person, or a combination of both? Your call. 


I want to create something new that’s totally tailored to your needs, goals, and desires.

If you’d like to chime in with a few suggestions, please head over HERE to complete a 3-question survey. 


I’m here for you. I’m listening. I want to help you rise and soar and have your BEST year ever, so… guide the way. Tell me what you need most, and I will stand and deliver.


DO THE SURVEY. Do it, do it! It’s short and it’s fun. Thank you so much!




Go for a long run. Rock out on that yoga mat. Write your holiday cards. Have a hot toddy. Bake the fuck out of those cookies. Celebrate and enjoy yourself because sweet baby Jesus… we made it through this year.

2017: Bring it on.

I’ll meet you there!


PS. As always… if you have any questions about my retreats, dinner parties, coaching packages, programs, anything at all, send an email to SUPPORT@SHYATT.COM for a prompt reply. You’ll hear back from me or my amazing assistant, Ashley. Thank you!



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