May 8, 2016

Every damn hour.


According to one study, the average woman has at least one intensely negative thought about her body, weight, or appearance every single hour that she is awake.

Self-inflicted mental violence. At least once. Every damn hour.

This is the norm.

I probably don’t need to explain why this “norm” absolutely needs to change.

I know you already get it.

I know you understand why I am fighting to create a world where the “average woman” has at least one intensely positive thought about herself every hour.

A world where—instead of dieting, detoxing, or obsessing over her muffin top—the “average woman” pursues her calling, rocks her career or business, says “Yes!” to experiences that she wants, bares her midriff in public even if (gasp!!) she doesn’t have a six pack, lives courageously, and leaves her mark on the world.

That’s the new norm that I am fighting for.

Want to join me?

Yesss. I’m glad. Celebrating your body—and refusing to hide yourself—is the ultimate act of feminine rebellion.

There are so many ways you can join the rebellion.

Here are 3 to consider:6479d5811773ab279c52b29596630fc3

1. Interrupt negativity in its tracks. The moment you hear that voice inside your head—the one that says, “You’re fat, you’re gross, flabby, ugh, what a disaster, etc”—interrupt that thought.

To do this, I recommend: Write down your crankiest thoughts. And then, next to that, write down the OPPOSITE. Challenge yourself to find the truth in the more positive statement.

In the personal development industry, this is called “thought work” because you’re literally workin’ on your thoughts and changing them. And guess what? It works.

2. Set a body-love timer to go off once per hour. When it beeps, say something nice to your body. “Ooh, look at those curves!” “Fingernails, you are on POINT today!” “Thank you, legs, for carrying me up those stairs just now!” “Lawd have mercy, lips, how did you get so fiiiiiine?” Bonus points if you make yourself crack the eff up.

3. Party with me in NYC! Ohhh yeah! You’ve heard about my newest program, right? It’s called BARE NYC. It’s a fabulous weekend in New York City complete with profesh makeup and hair styling, a body-positive photo shoot, a cooking class, and a workshop with a personal stylist who specializes in helping women look and feel stunning at any size. (I worked with her a few weeks ago and her selections blew my mind).

BARE NYC includes deluxe accommodation at a 4-star hotel, meals, excursions around the city AND six weeks of coaching to give you a deep introduction into my trademarked BARE methodology, which is all about creating the life (and body) that you want without diets or craziness. You can get all the details here. (Sign up soon if you want to be there because this party is limited to 10 ladies, max.)

Oh heyyyy, look at that. My timer just went off. Time for some love.

“Oh damn!! My thighs are sizzling right off the chair!”

I’m loving on myself hard today.

Every day. Every damn hour.

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out BARE NYC, an this event I’m hosting in July 2016.

It’s a unique weekend in New York City where you’ll experience, firsthand, what it feels like to roll back the clock… back to that time, long ago, before you learned that you were supposed to hate your body. We’re doing photo shoots, styling, hair and makeup, cooking classes, yoga, all kinds of fun, creative experiences to help you reconnect with your “god-pod” in a positive way. It’s going to be amazing. I hope you’ll join me there.



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