December 4, 2013

Ever “forget” the best parts of your life? Yeah. Me too.

Right about this time of year — down at the Hyatt Riot Crib — I start busting out the ole’ boxes of winter clothes. Scarves, mittens, cable-knit sweaters and coats. The whole shebang.
And every year, without fail, I find myself going … “Wait, this is so cute! I’ve got mad style! I totally forgot I even had this!”
Feel a big metaphor coming on? Hang onto your hats. Here it comes.
Whether it’s a cashmere sweater you’ve tucked out of sight … or an achievement you forget to celebrate … or a friendship that’s been on the backburner for a few months …
it’s incredibly easy to “forget” the best parts of your life.
So right now, before the mad rush of the holiday season begins, let’s all take a moment to remember all the goodness that surrounds us — by making a Damn Good Year List.
(This isn’t empty self-congratulation. Pausing to reflect on what’s going RIGHT in your life actually changes your physiology — giving you more energy, and making it easier to stick to new goals and resolutions.)
Copy and paste this lingo into a diary entry, document, blog post or Facebook update, and give it a whirl.
. . .

The Damn Good Year List

This year, I …
Finally started ___________________ (and it felt SO good).
Finally stopped ___________________ (and it felt even better).
Tried ___________________ for the first time, and totally rocked at it. (Go me!)
Tried ___________________ for the first time, and totally sucked at it. (Go me, double!)
Felt amazingly supported by friends like ___________________, ___________________, and ___________________.
Felt totally loved by people like ___________________, ___________________, and ___________________.
Felt like a rockstar when I helped somebody to ___________________.
Took time to remember all of the things that are going RIGHT in my life, starting with ___________________.
It was a Damn Good Year. And I won’t forget it.
. . .
And speaking of Damn Good Years … 2014 is shaping up to be a BIG one, for me.
Here’s what’s on the docket:
: Girlfriends Gone Wild. Because “girl power” rocks, and we need a lot more of it. Especially when paired with fine wine, cheese and chocolate.
: Clear Coaches. Because not every life coach is a natural-born businesswoman and marketing genius. But every coach can become one.
: The Weight School. Because your weight has a message for you. And until you learn how to hear it, it’s gonna stay put.
: Life Is Delicious. Because it is. Even though we forget.
: Private coaching. Because I want you to have the body, career and life of your dreams. (And I love getting all up in yo’ business. 😉
Here’s to remembering what’s (already) good — as you move into what’s (even) better.



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