August 10, 2016

Dying (literally) to be skinny….


If you cringe when you see women abusing themselves with crash diets and detoxes…

If you want to cry when you hear statistics like “90% of teenage girls are unhappy with their bodies”…

If you feel a burning desire in your heart to change lives and empower people—especially women and girls…

… this blog post is for you.

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I run a certification program for people who want to study the BARE methodology (which I created and trademarked) and who want to become a certified BARE coach. The next certification program is coming up very soon. It’s almost full. I have 2 space remaining—and that space can be for you. Enroll here.

Never heard of BARE before? Wondering what this certification program is all about?

Want more info? Read on…

– What is a BARE coach? –

A BARE coach is a champion for women’s health, self-esteem, and success.

As a certified BARE method coach, you will…

– Help women stop the obsessive preoccupation with carbs, calories, and points.

– Help women shift their focus from “How can I make my body skinnier?” to “How can I make my life more exciting and fulfilling?”

– Help women lose weight naturally and permanently (if they want to) with love and self-respect throughout the entire process, at every step and every size.

– Help women expand their entire lives: standing up for what they want, setting new boundaries, living fully aligned and fully expressed.

Without exaggeration: this work changes lives. Adding a BARE coaching certification to your toolkit is a beautiful gift for yourself—and for your current and future clients as well.


– What does the BARE coach certification program include? –

Certification includes: a 5-day retreat in Savannah (voted the “one of the top 10 best cities in the world” by Travel+Leisure magazine), 20 hours of independent study, 20 hours of practice coaching, 6 hours of telecourse training, and a private consultation with me.

Upon completing the program, you can begin working with clients right away—and I will refer clients to you as often as possible. You’ll also receive a marketing guidebook filled with ideas on how to spread the word about your new BARE certification far and wide!

– Who should go for this type of certification? –

This certification program is ideal for:

– Life coaches who want new skills and tools to help clients get better results.

– Fitness trainers who want to dig deeper into the emotional aspects of weight loss and body transformation.

– Psychologists, counselors, nutritionists, yoga teachers, wellness writers, motivational speakers and personal development workshop leaders, or anyone who is passionate about helping women to change their bodies and upgrade their quality of life.


– Questions? –

If you’re interested in becoming a certified BARE method weight loss coach, but you want to ask a few questions before you make your deposit and enroll, send an email to for a quick response. Thank you.

– Be the light and lead the way –

So many women are suffering—caught in a never-ending cycle of self-inflicted violence and intense preoccupation with their weight and their bodies—and it’s got to stop.

I can’t coach every single woman by myself (LOL, but seriously…) so I hope you’ll consider becoming a certified BARE coach so that you can share the BARE movement with your own clients, customers, daughters and sisters. Be the light and lead the way.

I can’t wait to meet this year’s crop of soon-to-be BARE coaches.

If becoming a certified BARE coach sounds thrilling, meaningful and exciting to you… then I hope to see your face in the room.




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