August 21, 2015

Don’t wear these 3 things if you are over 40!


Gotcha! You didn’t think I would actually suggest that a grown ass woman can’t wear what she wants, did you? 😉

I’m actually SO SICK of reading nonsense about what women should and shouldn’t wear, I decided to address this head on.

With the help of Erin from Flutter Newburgh, we selected three looks that blow the doors off of “over 40” rules.

over 40 style collage

At 42, I shouldn’t wear destroyed/distressed/ripped jeans? How amusing. I beg to differ. This is a trend that isn’t going away, and I don’t see an age limit on the label.

jeans Collage

Or how about short shorts?

shorts Collage

Cheetah/animal prints? Just try and stop me!

cheetah Collage

And, how about my top knot? Erin actually taught me (for the first time ever) how to rock the knot. I’m too old for that? Nopey.

PSA: You are allowed to adorn your body with whatever feels amazing on you. You get to dress for you and not for the pleasure of other people. 



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