March 2, 2015

Don’t hate. CREATE.

Not long ago, after posting some fun pics on Facebook of me lacing up my sneakers for my morning run, followed by some motivational song lyrics and a brand new blog post, I got a private message from a Facebooker who shall not be named.

She wrote (and I quote): “Your perkiness annoys me.”

Oh my word.

Listen up, yo.

If you find yourself getting all jacked outta shape because someone in your Facebook newsfeed is on vacation, looks hot, just got married, launched a business, sold out a program, received an award, is having a blast with her girlfriends, just finished a half-marathon, earned a pile of cash, or has a better looking cat than you do (sorry… I can’t help it that Mango is so handsome), then take a minute to ask yourself WHY.

Strong emotions don’t come out of nowhere. You’re annoyed for a reason.

And (cough cough) I’m just going to hazard a wild guess and say:

You’re annoyed at yourself.

Because there is something that you crave that you are not giving yourself.

THAT is why you’re so bent outta shape.

You’re hungry. There’s something you want. A feeling, an experience, a dream, a lifestyle. You see someone else living it and goddamn it, you want it. Except it’s much easier to get annoyed and focus your attention on somebody else… than to actually take action to upgrade your own life.

Am I hitting a nerve, here? Maybe you’re feeling (gasp!) “annoyed” at me? 😉

That’s fine. Feel annoyed. Feel it, big time.

Then take all of that energy and use it CREATE the life that you want.

That’s your new motto:

Don’t hate. CREATE.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get back to annoying people on Facebook.


PS. Sound off at Facebook.



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