May 5, 2019

Don’t bore yourself.

Excuses are boring.

I mean, seriously. Aren’t you bored of hearing yourself repeat the same “Oh, I didn’t get around to that because…” excuse-track like a broken record? Snooze.

I spent so many years making excuses. I was an expert, prolific, nonstop-excuse-generating machine.

I’d tell myself, “Oh, I can’t… Because Ryan needs a ride to school. Because I need to grab some groceries. Because I don’t have enough money. Because I don’t have enough time. Because I’m so tired. Because that laundry isn’t going to wash itself. Because I can’t find my socks. Because it’s so hot. Because it’s so cold. Because…”

But at a certain point, the heavy blanket of Because-ing just becomes so… boring. So stifling. So repetitive. So dull. You reach a point where you’re like, “I am tired of hearing myself make the same excuse every Monday morning. It’s just so… tedious.”

It’s just “basic bitch” speak. You know it. I know it.


You know what’s NOT boring? When friends and clients text me things like this…

“My website is up! Hell yes! It’s not perfect, and probably never will be, but it’s up there. I did it.”

“I was terrified to tell my clients that my rate is going up but… I just blasted out the email. I did it. I know this price increase is long overdue. And I know I’m worth every penny.”

“I just completed my first 5K race. I didn’t win, not even close, but I finished and I feel amazing. I already signed up for a 10K. Training begins tomorrow morning at 6am sharp.”

“I’ve been eating mindfully, slowing down, actually tasting my food and listening closely to my body to figure out when I’m full. And I’ve been walking 20 minutes every morning. I’m down 15 pounds. More importantly, I feel so energized and alive.”

“I just fired that client who was draining my life-force and refusing to honor my boundaries. I’m completing our last project and then BUH-BYE forever. So glad I made this decision and stuck to it.”

“I crushed my goal of earning $100,000 this year. I’m at $176,867 and counting… up.”

“First draft of my novel is halfway done. I never used to make time for creative projects. But now I’m doing it. 500 words a day. Every day. First thing in the morning. Lunch break. After dinner. Whenever. Whatever it takes. No excuses.”

Excuses are boring.

Commitment is sexy. Progress is thrilling. Courage is exciting. Devotion is HOT AF.

Do you want the rest of 2019 to be boring… or incredibly satisfying, tingly, full of heart-pounding excitement?

In 2019, and every year, it’s always up to you.

Don’t bore yourself.





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