January 14, 2016

Does exercise make you more creative?


I used to exercise with the hope that my body would look a certain way. For serious, I was the worst kind of brat about it. I’d walk on the dreadmill for twenty minutes and whine that I hadn’t lost any weight. I thought I’d have six pack abs already! We call this having a “taker’s mentality” with exercise. I’ll do this but ONLY if the body complies quickly. It’s a no win approach.

But over time, I became an athlete who appreciates exercise for many other reasons: mood boost, stress relief, and health benefits.

When I teach entrepreneurs business classes, I always share with them that my best business ideas come to me either while I am running or working out or right after.

And now, there’s scientific research to back it up. Exercise makes is more imaginative and creative. I knew it!

Get out there!

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