August 1, 2018

Do you ever have blah days?

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Amazing Fierce Queens!!

I have a question for you. Do you ever have blah days?

You know, day’s when you’re just not feeling it. Days when you don’t think you have the energy to do all the things on your list.

I know I do and today I want to share a couple of things for anybody out there who might be feeling the same.

First, in this episode of the BARE podcast, you’ll find out how I ramp up my energy on days I’m just NOT feelin’ it.

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Second, let’s talk some more about CRAVINGS. 

When you feel a craving for food, companionship, entertainment, attention, or any other experience, that craving is a message from your spirit to your mind & body. A message saying, “Listen up. There’s something we’re lacking. Something we need. Please.”

What are you craving right now?

Figure out a way to satisfy at least one of your cravings, today, without relying on food. Be inventive and resourceful. Seek help if you need it.

Yes, sister-friend, you can do this.






PS. Did you know that enrollment for BARE Daily is open? BARE Daily is a community of women who want to build up the strength and confidence to tackle bigger and bigger goals– and take on the world! Everyday we are in there sharing and connecting. It’s my favorite spot online. You should join us in there! 



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