February 14, 2015

Create what you crave: Or, why I stopped waiting for “Prince Charming” & booked my own damn castle.

My husband of almost 22 years — aka: the Silver Fox — is probably never going to be named “Global Nomad of the Year” by National Geographic magazine.

His idea of a “thrilling travel adventure” is planning every summer weekend at the lake that we’ve gone to every summer for the past 16 years. Don’t get me wrong, Lake Barkley is gorgeous and we have a truly lovely home and dock there. But he would rather head to the lake than get a stamp in his passport!

I am not kidding, people. I love that man so freaking much, but “travel” is simply not one of his core priorities. There are a million things he would rather do, plan, talk about, or spend money on than traveling. That’s just how he’s wired.

For a long time? This really bugged me.

Because traveling internationally is something that I’d always longed to do.

Ever year, I would beg and plead for “a trip to Italy” or “just one week in London.” I would casually leave magazines out on the coffee table with the pages flipped open to photos of cherry blossoms in Japan or castles sitting atop rugged Irish hillsides.

“Oh, wouldn’t that be an amazing trip?” I would ask, hopefully.

“Uh, not my thing, we should really use that money on investments” he’d reply.

I allowed years, then decades, to fly by. Each year, I would grow increasingly irritated.

“Is this seriously going to be my life… forever?!” I wondered to myself. “Surely, some day, he will see the light.”

Then. Oh, snap. The light hit ME.

I realized that I’d been doing the EXACT thing that I tell all of my clients NOT to do.

I was waiting for somebody else to make my dreams come true.

I had a deep, intense craving — travel! — but instead of creating travel experiences for myself? I placed all of the power into somebody else’s hands. Not fair. To either of us.

After that realization dawned on me, I vowed: never again.

I started planning all of the glamorous travel adventures I’d always wanted — beach trips and elephant rides in Thailand, wine tasting in Italy, a historic castle in Ireland — and I put each date on the calendar.

I decided to finance my travel by turning it into a viable business project: life coaching retreats around the world! I figured, if I’m paying for these experiences myself — not just paying for ‘em, but actually generating serious revenue — there’s no way that my husband can protest. Which, of course, he didn’t.

Last year, TONS of my travel dreams came true. This year? I’ve got even MORE on the calendar. It’s all happening — FINALLY — and why?

Because I took personal responsibility for my own happiness.

I stopped waiting for “Prince Charming” to ride in and whisk me away to the enchanted castle.

I took charge. I made it happen. I fed my own cravings. It feels good.

The ironic finale to the story? Once my husband started seeing me getting so pumped for all of my retreats, he started to get curious and excited, right along with me.

For my birthday this year? He invested in our first (EVER) international trip together. Yes. BOTH of us. Together. All his idea. Total icing on the cake that I already baked.

And THAT is the power of creating what you crave.

Not only do YOU get to experience the exact flavor of deliciousness that you want… but in doing so? You inspire the people around you to become braver and more adventurous, too.

What do you crave more than anything else?

Are you waiting for someone to give it you? Waiting for permission? Waiting for some miraculous perfect storm of circumstances to conspire before you are “allowed” to enjoy your life?

Quit that.

Your happiness is your personal responsibility. Nobody else’s.

If there’s something you want, it’s up to you to go get it.

Stewing in frustration because other people aren’t “cooperating” with your vision of happiness… is a waste.

No hiding. No blaming. No waiting.

Create what you crave.


PS. Happy Valentine’s Day, sugar-babies! Whether you are single or coupled up: give yourself exactly what you desire today, and all days. Be your own Valentine. Muah!

PSS. Speaking of castles, cravings, adventures and taking 100% personal responsibility for your happiness… registration is now OPEN for Life Is Delicious in Ireland! August 15-22, 2015. You, me, and 7 other fabulous women. All meals, field trips and accommodation includes. CLICK HERE for details.

Half the spots have already been claimed by peeps who emailed me during the pre-sale. So, now is the time to register and choose the room that you want… inside the CASTLE! OMG. This is for real. Again: details here. See you on the Emerald Isle!



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