September 2, 2018

Crazy… or brilliant?

Recently, inside my BARE DAILY program, we were talking about fitness.

I asked the BARE DAILY community, “What’s your favorite way to move your body? How do you keep yourself motivated to work out consistently? What works for you? What doesn’t?”

The conversation was buzzing. Lots of women chimed in. Lots of great suggestions and inspiring stories.

But one woman’s post caught my eye.

Her name is Lisa. She gave me permission to share this story publicly.

Lisa explained that she’s been in an exercise slump for quite awhile. Years, in fact. She hasn’t been moving very much at all. She hasn’t felt strong or athletic for a very long time. But she’s ready for a major change.

She decided she wanted to go swimming first thing in the morning, bright and early, five days a week. She wasn’t going to be flimsy and half-hearted about this. Oh no, ma’am. She decided to be SERIOUS about this goal.

She told me (I’m summarizing, here), “Last night, I slept in my swimsuit. Because when my alarm went off this morning, I wanted to remove any possible excuse for skipping my swim. If I was already wearing my suit, well, that’s one less obstacle to deal with. I know it sounds crazy, but… I knew this would make it more likely that I’d actually go to the pool.”

And it worked. She swam that day. And the next. And the next.

SHE SLEPT IN HER SWIMSUIT. That’s some serious devotion.

And no, for the record, Lisa’s strategy doesn’t sound “crazy” to me. Nope. It sounds fierce. It sounds inspiring. It sounds like a woman who has decided to go ALL IN.

What is your #1 goal right now, in any area of your life—fitness, money, career, business, art, writing, relationships, philanthropy, activism?

Are you ALL IN?

Or kinda halfway in?

What’s one change you could make to demonstrate to yourself, and to the world, “OK this time… I mean it. I am ALL IN.”

It might be sleeping in your swimsuit. It might be setting your alarm thirty minutes earlier so you can meditate before work. It might be clearing your schedule every Thursday for the next ten weeks so you can finish writing your damn book. You know the difference between sorta in and ALL IN.

If you’re not willing to go ALL IN, then it’s time to either change your attitude, or change your goal to something else… something that you care about more.

ALL IN for the WIN.





PS. Coaches! Mark your calendars for October 19 and 20, 2018. 

I’m throwing an epic life coach event in Chicago. (For alllllll kinds of coaches and consultants!) You are FOR SURE going to want to be there — yassssssss! 



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