May 25, 2020

Crazy Gets It Done

I know a woman who wanted to save up enough money to make a 20% down payment on a house. 

An ambitious goal, especially considering she is self-employed, a busy step-mom, and the primary breadwinner in her household.

To reach this big goal, she would need to roll out new programs and significantly increase her income. Big courage. Big moves. 

Her very first move: 

She printed out her online banking statement. 

She took a jar of white-out. 

She covered up her current, actual bank balance. 

crazy gets it done

Once the white-out dried up, she wrote her new bank balance in black ink. The balance she wanted. Basically, she turned her bank statement into a vision board.

She kept this “adjusted” bank statement by her desk. She stared at it daily. “Getting closer.” “Another thousand bucks.” “Things are moving.” “This is happening.”

About one year later, she reached her goal. 

Some people make fun of life coaches and all our “weird” coach-y practices. Writing down goals. EFT tapping. Self-care checklists. Visualizing. Meditating. Accountability groups. Masterminds. Vision boards. 

Some people might even say…all that stuff is cuckoo, woo woo, crazy.

“Writing an imaginary balance on your bank statement? That’s crazy!” 

I will tell you what I know for sure:

Crazy gets it done.

Crazy gets unstuck. Crazy pays off debt. Crazy earns millions. Crazy leads the movement. Crazy gets to perform on Broadway. Crazy goes to the Olympics. 

If you have big dreams, don’t worry about seeming crazy. 

Worry about not seeming crazy. 

Crazy makes it happen.


Susan Hyatt

PS. Wanna get crazy with me? Enroll of Summer of Yes and snag one of the last Miracle Level packages available or 2020.  You’ll get two 1:1 sessions with me and two with a member from my team– for 1/5 the normal cost. We can work on your wildest, most glorious goals: business, career, money, body, health, anything topics you want. I will bring out your inner crazy. Your freak flag will fly! And I will not let you fail.

PPS. The woman mentioned in this story is Sarah Von Bargen (story shared with her blessing and permission). She’s an absolute delight. If you’re not already following her work…you should.



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