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The Rich Coach Club

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If you’re a coach—and if you’re determined to start making more money—this Club is for you!

Inside this Club, you get: Business tips. Creative marketing ideas. Money-generating challenges to complete. And lots more!

We’re all about becoming financially rich and emotionally rich—because having tons of money (but being burnt out and miserable) is definitely not the goal!

This is an encouraging environment filled with professional coaches who want to thrive, and want you to succeed, too.

Bare Nation

Facebook Community

Bare Nation is the community for women who want to feel strong, confident, healthy, and powerful.

Once you’re part of Bare Nation, we invite you to take the Bare Pledge. Promise you will treat your body like a friend, eat well, move often, make self-care a priority, and do things that make you feel strong.

No more dieting. No more obsessing about your weight. No more crazy detox programs that leave you cranky and exhausted. And no more saying awful things to yourself! We’re done with all that!

Bare Nation is one of the kindest, most supportive corners of the whole Internet. Join and get inspired to take excellent care of your precious body, every day.

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