October 6, 2019

Close Your Legs Like A Good Girl







Open legs = bad girl  Closed legs = good girl

My trainer Eli was working with me on some running drills and exercises to rehab slight knee pain.

My knees tend to go out when cycling due to a hip issue. No big deal. Except, I’ve gotta learn some proper form.

Anyway, he was showing me on video what was happening with my knees. AMAZING! I had no clue that wonky form was causing injury until I saw it on my iPhone. (Sidenote: I’m really grateful for my trainer. He keeps me injury free.)

And then, someone I know really well at the gym, was eavesdropping and thought he would break it down for me in simple terms.

“You know, legs open … BAD girl. Legs closed … GOOD girl,” he explained as he opened and closed his arms as a demo.

Ummmmmm. No.

“That’s sexist,” I replied.

And then he said, “No, that’s what they say when explaining the abductor machine. Open legs, bad girl. Closed legs, good girl.”

Then I said, “And that is sexist. You are saying that girls with open legs want sex. And then if they do have sex they are BAD? No sir.”

And then he got it. Later he texted me this apology.


There is so much wrapped into this tiny exchange. The belief that open legs are an invitation. “Sit like a lady.” The belief that women who have sex are “bad.” The belief that if you close your legs and abstain, you are “good.”

Did you read my rant from a few weeks ago about how the first diet was created to keep women undernourished to curb their sexual appetites and morality?

This is all related. The diet industry is rooted in control. Control of your food, how you move, and yes, even if you are allowed to have/want sex.

Women distracted by diets are subscribing to their own oppression. How are you gonna break any glass ceiling if you hangry all the time?

Sit how you want. Move how you want. Eat how you want. Say what you want.

I’m calling in all of y’all who have had enough. Spread your legs.



















PS— it is ALMOST time for the next round of BARE Coach certification— October 16th will be here before you know it! If you want to help girls + women stop dieting and break the cycle of body image issues, you need to check it out.



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