November 20, 2016

Champagne on tap.


Torrie is the type of woman who travels with sketchpads, photography supplies, and headbands with velvet cat ears. She has hot pink hair and her favorite sneakers are covered with hand-painted eyeballs. Looking at her, you’d probably think to yourself, “She must be an artist.” And you’d be right.

She’s a world-renowned artist whose work has been featured in major galleries, museums, and private collections all over the world.

Torrie attended one of my recent retreats, and several women asked her: 

“What’s the secret to your success?” 

After all, it’s not easy to “make it” as a professional artist. Very few people even try, let alone succeed. So, how did she do it? 

Torrie told us that way back in the early days of her career—back when she had no fans, no industry connections, and no financial security—she always kept a chilled bottle of Champagne in her fridge. Why? So that she’d always be ready to celebrate at a moment’s notice. 

“Even when I had practically no money, I always kept a bottle on hand… just in case,” she explained. 

For Torrie, “champagne” is more than just “a special beverage.” It’s a message. It’s a symbol. It’s a yh8a3309-2symbol that says, “I believe in myself. I believe in my talents. I know good things are coming my way—and when that happens, I’ll be ready!”

That type of attitude—optimistic, positive, ready to pop that cork and celebrate whatever the next victory may be, whenever it comes—is exactly the type of attitude that leads to success. 

Life is filled with so many challenges. A company merger might eradicate your job. Maybe you email a potential client and they never respond. A critical customer leaves a scathing review of your product on Amazon. A gallery owner says “No thanks” when you present your portfolio. Or the political election takes a sickening turn for the worst. Discouragement is ever-present. It’s easy to lose faith, lose heart, and give up. 

That’s why today, more than ever before, we all need “a bottle on hand… just in case.”

This week, as we navigate the challenges ahead, let’s all tuck a bottle in the fridge as a symbol of hope and potential. A symbol of everything yet to come. Let’s focus on the moments of heroism and progress. Let’s focus on the wins, too, not just the losses. Let’s focus on what we’re creating, what we’re building in our lives, careers, and communities. Let’s stay audaciously hopeful and keep striving, in spite of the inevitable disappointments and setbacks that we’ll face.

Champagne on tap. 

Because we’re not giving up yet. 

Because brighter times are coming. 

Because being alive, today, in this day and age, despite its many imperfections, is still pretty damn incredible.

Let’s toast to that.



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