January 12, 2015

Can’t stay happy? You might be dreaming too small.

Can you guess what this is? 

If you guessed: the cover of a Land’s End catalog, circa 2007… you are incorrect!
But close.
That’s the Hyatt family holiday card from 8 years ago.
I remember posing for that photo. Obsessing over getting every touch “just right.” The matching outfits. The perfect smiles. The wind blowing our hair. The image of tranquility and unblemished domesticity.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with matching outfits and forced togetherness — if that’s genuinely your thing!
But it wasn’t my thing. It was a lie that I imposed upon myself.
An image that I thought I had to sustain.
And it was… exhausting.
OK. Here’s us, today:

Perhaps you notice… a few subtle differences? Ha.
Looking at these photos, side by side, I’m amazed at how much we have transformed as a family.
Not just on a surface level — clothes, hair styles, accessories. On a deep level, too.
Back in 2007?
My dreams were very small.
I wanted to keep running a successful real estate business (even though I hated it) and keep my life looking “perfect” (even though I was miserable).
Back then, that felt like… as far as I could allow myself to dream.
My dreams are big — and growing wilder.
I work as a life coach and motivational speaker. I wrote my first book (and I’m gearing up to write another). I co-created a program that is transforming the way women lose weight (without dieting). I rock booty-hugging jeans and (gasp!) sometimes play with long hair extensions. I wear bikinis, with no shame. (8 years ago? No effing way.)
My kids, Emily and Ryan, are both enrolled in an online high school, which gives them a huge amount of freedom. Ry and I both recently spent a month living in Thailand, cave kayaking and visiting sea gypsies. Emily is a member of an all-girl punk band. Ry is obsessed with muay thai and he’s also writing his first novel.
My world is not picture-perfect.
It is messy, fun, amazing and imbalanced (in a good way).
It feels that way… because now?
I allow myself to dream… limitlessly.

If you are chronically unhappy or unsatisfied — even after hitting your biggest goals — I have a message for you:
You might be dreaming too small.
Start dreaming at a different level.
Dream big.
Dream beyond.
Dream into the realm of wonder, amazement, what if-ness.
Then take one tiny-turtle-step forward. Make a move. Set the dream in motion.
Keep moving.
One day, you’ll be living a dream you didn’t even know you had.
Happy Rockin’ New Year!


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