January 21, 2016

Can you make a meaningful effort from a place of love?


The phrase make an effort has been rumbling around in my mind for months. There’s a difference between meaningFUL effort and meaningLESS effort. One leaves you proud and the other just leaves you….tired.

There’s something damaging about over efforting. And there’s something magical about making a real effort from a place of love with working up a sweat and celebrating your god pod.

This morning I woke up to a gorgeous fluffy snow. And the Silver Fox was sleeping in with flu like symptoms. And the teenagers were sleeping in because: SNOW DAYYYYY. Do you know what that meant? It meant that I had to de-snow my car myself! HA!

8 years ago I would never have made the effort to de-snow my car to go the gym. But there I was….shoveling and wiping and sweeping away the snow. Hey, it was arm day! I have a gun show to participate in… 😉

And when I arrive at the gym– the parking lot was packed! I couldn’t believe it. But there we were…a bunch of people keeping our personal commitments.


The energy felt amazing in the gym this morning.

My running buddy Frances was steadily texting me….she was READY to slay to snow together and get our runner’s high together. And that’s what I did next. I kept my appointment with her and with myself. 5.5 miles in the snow. It was a terrific work out.


Why am I telling you this? Because I am proud of my effort. I didn’t feel pressure to do it. I didn’t dread it. I didn’t complain about it. I was excited to show up for myself. Happy to make an effort. Proud to be a woman who takes exceptional care of herself.

So my challenge for you this week:

Can you make a meaningful effort from a place of love? Do you need to try something new? Ask a friend to be a workout buddy? Hire a trainer?

All I know is….your god pod loves you and wants you to move.

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