November 17, 2014

“But my Spirit Guide told me to wait!” 13 of the most ridiculous woo-woo excuses that life coaches and personal development professionals LOVE to make.

When you work in the personal development industry — surrounded by life coaches, healers, motivational speakers and creative business owners — you hear a lot of brave and amazing ideas.
And you also hear a lot of bullshit.
Yeah. I said it.
Some of the bullshit is pretty convincing. Because the excuses “sound” so good, wrapped in flowing, heart-sparkle, life coach-y language.
So beautiful, you want to print the words on an organic, eco-friendly cotton t-shirt and wear it to yoga class.
But… nope.
Still bullshit.
Still just an excuse (… usually, one that’s masking fear and self-doubt.)
In honor of personal development professionals everywhere (you know who you are…) here are 13 of the most hilarious and ridiculous excuses I’ve heard, over the years.
You know you’ve said at least one of ‘em.
Girlfriend, I know I have! 😉
1. “My Spirit Guide told me to wait.”
Oh rrreally?
Because I just talked to your Spirit Guide, and she was like, “Uh, WTF? I SPECIFICALLY said to GET OVER your fears and TAKE FREAKING ACTION. Tuh-DAY.”
2. “Oh, I can’t do [insert important & useful action step here]. I am in a resting cycle. I am practicing self-care.”
No, honey pie.
If there’s an action that you truly need to take — for your own wellbeing, or for the success of your business — and you’re not doing it, that’s not self-care. That’s self-sabotage.
Sorry. Except not sorry. ‘Cause it’s true.
3. “Oh, I can’t do [public thing that pulls me out of my comfort zone] because I’m an introvert.”
Last time I checked, the definition of an “introvert” is “a person who is primarily re-charged by quiet time, alone.”
Not “a person who allows fear to drive her decisions.” (That’s SO not you.)
4. “Marketing doesn’t feel ‘authentic’. I need to honor my authentic self.”
Your authentic self wants you to succeed, connect with your fellow human beings, and help them to improve their lives.
Unless you have mystical, telepathic ray-beams that you can use to inform the masses about your work, while hiding in your bedroom… you have to get out there and market yourself.
5. “Selling feels so ‘masculine’. I am trying to run a feminine business.”
I have a vagina. I create products and services and share my work with people. DAILY. Somehow this makes me less… feminine? My vagina disagrees.
6. “Well, I haven’t done [super important action step] yet, but I’m manifesting that…”
No, sweetness. You are not manifesting. You are procrastinating.
7. “Oh, I can’t do [essential step for my success]. I am learning to set boundaries and say ‘no’ more often.”
Definitely. Say “no.” All the live long day.
Unless it’s something that is essential to the success of your life, your coaching practice or your business. Then — and I’m just speculating, here — you should probably say “yes.”
8. “I don’t want to [charge money / charge more money] for my healing services. What I have is a gift… gifts must be shared!”
You may have a gift… but what you’ve also got is a shitty business model.
Sharing your gifts AND making a living? Now that’s hot. (And it’s what you deserve.)
9. “I made that decision from a place of lack, not abundance. Now that I have reflected, I know it’s not the right choice for me.”
Oh, you mean that super-important, brave and amazing choice that you felt absolutely, 100% great about… until fear and self-doubt starting creeping in?
Prrretty sure it’s still the right choice.
10. “This was a teachable moment.”
Sure. That.
See also: a totally preventable mistake. (That you’ll avoid next time, right? 🙂
11. “A fourth margarita? SURE! I’m saying YES to life! Carpe diem!”
You’re also saying YES to a brutal hangover and zero productivity tomorrow.
Carpe some aspirin on your way home… and have fun with that.
12. “It’s really just the journey that counts…”
Journeys are great.
You know what kind of journeys I like?
The kind where you hit personal and financial goals and make tangible progress, instead of just burning up gasoline going in circles.
(I’d bet my bottom dollar that’s the exact same kind of journey that YOU want, too.)
13. “I had my astrology chart done, and this really isn’t the optimal time for me to do [insert challenging action that I’d rather not do ever, here].”
Oh, yeah? I consulted the cosmos as well.
The Big Dipper gave me a message to hand to you:
Stop hiding and do it.
Because you’re stronger than all the excuses.
Because this is your life, and you’ve got big work to do.
Because everything you need is already inside of you.
Because one year from now? No matter what you are trying to achieve…
You’ll wish you had started today.
The stars have spoken.
It’s time to model the kind of brave, courageous action that you strive to inspire in your clients.
Unless, OF COURSE, it’s Mercury in Retrograde and you’re an Introvert who is passing through her second Saturn in Return. If that’s the case, OBVIOUSLY, stop everything and hide in a cave with a carton of Pop-Tarts until your Spirit Guide speaks to you, again. 😉
Susan “Intentionally Manifesting My Feminine Authenticity” Hyatt

PS. What are some of the silliest “woo woo excuses” you’ve ever heard… or said? Confess!

PPS. Y'all know I am down with the woo. Karen Hawkwood's astrology reading changed my understanding of my Taurean nature. Theresa Reed's Tarot Card readings will blow your ever loving mind. I'm consulting a pet psychic to help my cranky old cat Mango deal with our new kittens. And my spirit guides thought this post was hilarious.



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