June 27, 2012

Bragging Time

I’m a fan of bragging about other people. To their faces and behind their backs. It takes the phrase, “Did you hear what she said about you?” to a happy place. Y’all know that I help clients in a few key areas: weight loss and business

I can typically predict a future “success story” by noticing a client’s threshold for risk. Not the creepy kind….the empowered kind. How willing are they to look at the scary stories in their minds and put their heart and soul on a platter for their dream?  Did you know that a synonym for risk is openness? Take a risk, and open your life up.

Nothing pleases me more, than to share with you the risks my current Clear Coaches are taking. Check out these amazing offerings, if you want to take a leap yourself!

1) Kanesha Baynard’s Circle of 10

The Circle of 10 is a group for empowered women who are looking to connect, stretch, grow, and renew. Each person comes to the circle with her own goals, aspirations, and ideas about how to create and live an ideal life. Through a guided book study, the Circle sessions allow each woman to dig deep and explore.

2) Anne Bolender’s Ageless Nomads’ First Steps Program

Imagine living anywhere in the world you want to while earning an income doing things you love. If this is the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about, then lets get started turning your dreams into reality with Ageless Nomads’ First Steps Program – four 50 minute coaching sessions for $200.00 aimed at kick-starting your new lifestyle.

3) Laura Wagner, Coaching

Once upon a time, I spent my life waiting for something to happen that would inform or inspire a direction to take. When I decided I was reason enough to take a loving risk and create what I wanted, there were huge shifts: mind, body and soul. www.laura-wagner.com/coaching 

4) Diane MacKinnon’s Medical Professionals Retreat

I’m working on a retreat in the fall for physicians and other medical professionals who are facing burnout and want to reconnect with the reasons they went into medicine in the first place. From there, they can start making positive changes in their current work life and start having some fun! www.dianemackinnon.com
on Facebook, Diane MacKinnon and Healing Choices 

5) Michelle Reinhardt’s Video Series

I’m working on a series of videos about making my dream of creating a coaching business a reality and all that entails.  Topics to include reigning in the
willy-nillyness, why jazz hands are always appropriate, blind website design, squeezing it all in and chronic interruption syndrome.

6) Rebecca Darling – Connect in Your New World!

Helping expats and small business owners reconnect. Transitions are a given in life especially in our global community.
Coaching to navigate this new terrain in life and in business. 613 328-8652. Rebecca is a Certified Martha Beck Coach, with years of experience in large multi national corporations and an entrepreneur.  An expat herself, she can help coach you to reconnect to live your values and to connect in your new world. New web-site in the works!!  Call for more info.

7) Beryl Herrin, Coaching

I have been in that grip of fear and wanting to be "safe" and…..not so much fun or profitable. Taking risks, small steps even at first, for our own well being is a way to soar! I would LOVE to help you! I am offering a free coaching session to the first 10 who get in touch and an awesome package price for 4!  Email me:info@yoga-evolution.com

8) Wordlessness with Carla Robertson

Feeling overwhelmed?  Carla Robertson has a cure – try wordlessness!  Step into nature, drench your senses, and ease back to your right life.  Subscribe for information about coaching, retreats, hikes, cool offers and an online Martha Beck book club starting in August, and receive your free Wordless Cure for Busyness e-kit! http://livingwildandprecious.com/

9) Katie McClain – Understand Why Men & Boys Rock!

Men aren’t broken! Many women just don’t understand how they tick. Come and learn how to create satisfying and happy relationships with the men and boys in your life. Simply by understanding them! Join the interest list for this 2 part tele-class by Katie McClain: http://katiemcclain.com/workshops/why-boys-rock/.

10) Stretch and Develop Your Creative Muscle with Laurie Hawley

Creativity doesn’t take a stroke of genius; it’s a process anyone can learn and make habit. For three months starting September, we’ll study the lessons in choreographer Twyla Tharp’s brilliant book, The Creative Habit, stretch our creative muscles, and practice her exercises.

11) Alexa Stipkala’s 6 Weeks to Clear out the Clutter

Starting in August, plan to explore what is cluttering up your life and how to start clearing it out. Week by week, work with Alexa Stipkala to examine what you are putting into your mind, your body, and your living space that is not serving you. Also explore the way you view your spiritual and financial bank accounts. After the 6 week program, participants have an opportunity to add on packages. Limited space available in August. Next round of programs begins in October. Contact amstipkala@gmail.com for details!

12) ACTION in AttrACTION with Kimberly Delcoco

Ever thought how unstoppable you would be if you had someone believe in your dreams (the ones you daydream about while waiting on Friday). Ever thought if only you knew how to create a plan and goals that attracted action and results. Schedule your ‘ACTION in AttrACTION’ Package at: www.kimberlydelcoco.com

13) Janel Anderson’s A League of Your Own

If you are a high-achiever who wants to stand nose-to-nose with others like you – others who will challenge, support and rally for you, then join
with me as your coach in a knock-your-socks-off coaching program and amaze your high-achieving self with the places you’ll go.: http://www.working-conversations.com/league

14) Stacey Shanks – Money Does Grow on Trees!

Join, Stacey Shanks, Good Karma Business Coach/Yogini, as she hosts a live call on helping you make money. Let’s examine your programs and offerings on all levels so you can do your best work in the world! July 24, 12-1 CST Register here.

15) Nicole Bernardo, Know Your Worth Coach

Nicole Bernardo is offering a dynamic one-on-one coaching program to help you turn your self-doubt into glowing self-confidence.  The program is based on The Vow, Nicole’s simple-to-follow guide to helping you drop the anxiety and redirect your energy into believing in yourself as you passionately and resiliently pursue your dreams.” Learn more here: www.knowyourworthcoach.com

16) Kari Hazzard – Strengthening Your Fire

Fall 2012! Join coaches Kanesha Baynard, Chad Gilham, Kari Hazzard and Stacey Riley Shanks for Strengthening Your Fire, a 12-week program, includes a 6-week book study of Danielle LaPorte’s “FireStarter Sessions” + 6-week FireBuilding Mastermind + FireWalking Retreat.  For more, please visit: http://mad.ly/signups/55632/join

17) Chad Gilham – Be Wild Retreat

Join adventure life coach, Chad Gilham and Unleash the beast at the Be Wild Retreat in Colorado! Re imagine a wilder you by discovering what is taming your mind, body, and soul. Space is limited, so make sure you click on the link below and fill out the contact form on the home page for more information. www.bewildretreat.weebly.com




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