February 27, 2014

Bragging About My Clear Coaches

I’m a fan of bragging about other people. To their faces and behind their backs. It takes the phrase, “Did you hear what she said about you?” to a happy place. Y’all know that I help clients in a few key areas: weight loss and business

I can typically predict a future “success story” by noticing a client’s threshold for risk. Not the creepy kind….the empowered kind. How willing are they to look at the scary stories in their minds and put their heart and soul on a platter for their dream?  Did you know that a synonym for risk is openness? Take a risk, and open your life up.

Nothing pleases me more, than to share with you the risks my current Clear Coaches are taking. Check out these amazing offerings, if you want to take a leap yourself!

Sasha Mobley

You don’t need to run away and join the circus to be joyful at work, but if you truly are circus bound we’ll put the map together to get you in the center ring. I’m the least conventional work and life coach you will ever meet. Be sure to check out my free ebook on Five Signature Moves to Use When You Are Jobless–coming early March 2014.


Amanda Gibby Peters, Simple Shui
Imagine having more of the good stuff in your life like prosperity, productivity, and peace. Using a practice that is several thousand years old, I show clients how simple changes in their homes will transform them into mighty magnets for their desires. Want a glimpse? Check out this video, and be sure to follow my blog at www.simpleshui.com.

Lisa Cavallaro
She is Publisher and Editor of THRiVEcny, a free monthly health & wellness magazine she co-founded in Central NY. Magazines are available at over 200 locations throughout six counties… and can also be read online. The magazine tagline reads: "A healthy spin on life” and features articles written by local doctors, lawyers, CEOs, coaches, professionals and everyday people doing inspiring things!

Website: www.thrivecny.com
FB: www.facebook.com/THRiVEcny
Twitter: twitter.com/THRiVEcny

Coach Mary
In great places around the world, I create adventurous, powerful and highly productive coaching programmes for groups and individuals. Health warning….these adventures will change your life for ever. Interested? Link up with me at marydunseath@hotmail.com. Bookings now open for October 2014 in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco and February 2015 in South Africa.

Christine Erickson’s Equine Guided Coaching Retreats
The process of coaching can facilitate you in releasing your past, living in the present and freeing your future. Nature speaks in reflective response in ways that allow you to observe your energetic state and patterns in your way of being, including how you relate and communicate with yourself and others. Through the collective wisdom of nature and horses as teachers, and your internal knowing, Christine will guide you with compassion and tenacity, to explore and align your emotions, your mindset and somatic expressions to invite new possibilities for the seemingly impossible.


Kristen Finch
The 21-day reWire is not about self-improvement, it’s about making yourself a priority, learning new behaviors, forming new habits and finding your roar. It’s 21 days of daily inspiration plus a built in community of women who are lifting you up and holding you accountable. Because happiness isn’t achieved through positive thinking and willpower….it’s learned through daily practice (and afternoon dance parties). Join me for the next round! www.kristenfinch.com/programs/Rewire

Missing Happily Ever After: Letting Go of the Life You Planned to Embrace the Life You Have
Have you ever said, “That wasn’t supposed to happen,” or, “That isn’t how I planned it.” This program is for men and women who have faced unrealized dreams or unexpected challenges and feel stuck longing for the life they had imagined. In this 4-step program I will show you how to work through this kind of loss and reclaim your present blessings. This class is given as a small group telecourse (maximum of four participants), over four, 90-minute calls. The investment is $97. Please contact Jonna Templar at coaching@jonnatemplar.com for more information.

Dena Alleman – Pluck & Prowess for the Entrepreneur
If you know who your ideal client is, why is it so hard to find them?! This teleseminar series helps entrepreneurs and small business owners evaluate which Social Media tools will work best to reach and engage their ideal clients and more importantly HOW to actually use them! These will be very practical and fun discussions to help you get your "awesomesauce" to your people! For more information, email Dena@EspritConcepts.com



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