July 2, 2015

Boxing to #makeascene


I’ve been SUPER bummed about a hamstring and sciatic issue that has benched me from running. Lucky for me, I have a fantastic personal trainer, Eli Green (AKA MEAN GREEN) from Bob’s Gym, who is resourceful.

This was my first attempt at boxing without any instruction:

AFTER this silly video, Eli actually taught me some cool moves and I’ve improved so much in just a few short sessions.

I feel the need to post another boxing video for y’all so that you can see the progress, soon.

However, an Eli says, an “injury is your body asking for a detour.”

Ok, God Pod, I vow to listen and take exceptional care of you, even if it means looking silly (like in this video) and trying new things (that sometimes feel uncomfortable).

Here’s to getting your sweat on!




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