June 30, 2020

Unlock Your Best Ideas

I don’t get million dollar ideas when I’m sitting at my computer.

I get my best ideas while I’m jogging, cycling, relaxing in my favorite chair, traveling to a new place (even if it’s somewhere right in my hometown), or staring at a beautiful view (trees, hiking trail, city skyline) with an empty mind, doing basically nothing. 

When I step away from my desk, and take a break, that’s when the golden ideas pour in. That’s the money zone.

And then I go back to my desk to nail down the plan, fire off some emails, send instructions to my team, and put things into motion. My desk is for implementation, not inspiration.

I bet the same is true for you.

Research confirms that down-time is crucial for creativity. Taking the afternoon off. Taking a real weekend. Taking a vacation or staycation. These experiences change your brain activity and unlock your best ideas.

Lin-Manuel Miranda got the idea for his mega-hit musical, Hamilton, while on vacation. By the way, who else is excited for the release?!

Uber got invented when two tech guys took a trip to Paris, couldn’t hail a cab, got frustrated, and decided to create a solution for this dilemma.

Bare Daily, my online community for women (and one of my highest-earning programs of all time) was born during a trip to NYC. I was hanging out in a sunlit Chelsea loft, and unexpectedly had the whole day off. I was sipping tea and honey, staring out the window, and boom. The vision arrived.

When you take a break from your usual grind, you get breakthrough ideas.

If you want to become wealthier this summer, start by taking a few days off. Step away from the glow of your phone or computer screen. Watch what happens next.

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