April 3, 2016

Before you give up, tell 21 people what you want.


Are you private and secretive about your goals? Most people are.

Because when you (privately, secretly) admit to yourself, “I really want a new job” or “I want to run a 10K” or “I want to earn an extra $3K this month so I can pay off my debt,” then nobody is going to check on you and ask how things are going. You’re off the hook. Which is dangerous.

It’s dangerous to be secretive about your goals, because even though you’re really good at talking yourself into doing challenging things (“I am signing up for the 10K training program today!”) you are EQUALLY good at talking yourself OUT of doing challenging things (“Well, uh, maybe running is just not my thing…”), especially if you’re the only person involved in the conversation, with nobody to question your decisions.

The solution?

Stop being so damn private about your goals.go_get_it EG 14

Tell people what you want to do, earn, achieve or create. Bring other people into the conversation so that when you feel like talking yourself out of it, you’ll have a few friends in your corner who will say, “Hang on, just a second, that’s not cool. Keep going. Don’t quit on yourself. You promised yourself you would do this. So do this. I believe in you.”

It takes courage to invite other people into the private, secret corners of your life, but if you’re serious about reaching your goals, “going public” is the single BEST thing you can do to ensure your success.

This week, spend some time thinking about your biggest personal, professional or financial goal. Write down that goal. Be specific with your wording. Then tell 21 people about it. Friends, family, colleagues, mentors, classmates–anybody who might be able to support you in some way.

That’s 3 people per day for 7 days. Totally doable.

Don’t just blast off a mass-email, though. Write a personalized note to each person (or, GASP, call them or meet up in person!) to describe your goal and to request a specific form of support. You might ask for…

A personal introduction to someone at a company you want to work for
A personal introduction to a new/potential client who might like to hire you
A referral to a trainer, coach, resume editor or writer who can help you out
A text, at 8am every weekday morning, to remind you to keep going
A coffee date to brainstorm a plan of action
Or, the old classic: “Just wanted to let you know what I’m working on right now. Please keep me in mind in case this type of opportunity crosses your desk. Thank you.”

Before you give up on yourself—or give up on your goal—tell 21 people what you want.

When you do this, your goal will have so much more energy and momentum behind it. (This is one of the exercises that I do with the women in my GO GET IT! goal achievement program and it’s crazy effective.)

When 21 people know what you’re trying to do, earn, achieve or create, then you can’t hide anymore. You can’t quit so easily.

Best of all, you’ll have 21 people who might be able to open doors for you.

3 people today. 3 people tomorrow. Repeat for 7 days, minimum.

For each person you talk to, make a specific request, invitation, or proposition—and then watch what happens.

When you have 21 people on your squad, watching you, checking on you, and cheering for you, it’s pretty tough to make anything less than your absolute best effort.

Try it and see.

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