October 17, 2018

BARE Coach Certification {1 Spot Left}

Happy Wednesday Y’all!

There is just ONE SPOT LEFT for the next round of BARE Coach Certification training!!

What is BARE? 

Bare is a trademarked process for women and girls. Through this process, women learn how to stop dieting, stop obsessing about their weight, upgrade their mental and physical health, and build a whole new level of self-love, self-respect, and confidence.

You can study this process in-depth and become a Certified Bare Coach. This is an excellent credential to add to your résumé if you work as a coach, counselor, therapist, or any profession in the health and wellness field.

Why should you become a Certified Bare Coach?

*Because it breaks your heart when you see women and girls struggling with food, weight, body image, and self esteem issues—and you want to help.

*Because you already work with women (as a coach, counselor, therapist, yoga teacher, personal trainer, etc.) and you want to gain some new skills to help your clients even more.

*Because you want to upgrade your own self-care habits, take even better care of yourself, and be a role model for those around you.

*Because you want to see women running companies, running countries, and running the world. You know that, as women, we can’t rise into our full potential when we’re constantly bogged down with body image issues. The body drama has got to stop! You want to be part of a body-love and self-confidence revolution.

The next Bare Coach Certification program begins in November 2018. 










There’s an inspiring 5-day seminar in Savannah, Georgia (meals and accommodation are included) followed by 20 hours of online training and practice coaching sessions. Most people earn their certification in about 4 months, however, you’re welcome to move at your own pace.

​​​​​​​Here’s the curriculum!

The next in person training is November 12th-17th & there’s only ONE spots left! 

Apply Now.

​​​​​​​This is a certification program that makes such a positive impact in your clients’ lives—and in your life, too. Go for it!



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