August 24, 2016

BARE book update + SLAY DAY in Louisville!


Hey y’all!

I just spent 5 days at my lake house in Kentucky. No husband. No kids. No pets. No distractions. No drama. Well, some drama—at one point I discovered a mysterious rock in my living room (“Hmm, how did that get there?”). Then I noticed that I’d left all the windows and most of the doors unlocked. And then I became convinced that a murderer was inside the house, lurking in my shower, waiting to go all Hitchcock on my ass at any moment. Happily: that did not happen. #HoorayForNoMurders

In all seriousness… when you clear your schedule for 5 days of peace and quiet, it’s amazing what can happen. My brain felt so clear. I could focus, dig deep, and OMG…

I got so much done.

Over the course of 5 days:13643061_1753103931615595_1077766690_n

— I made a list of 15 different topics that I want to blog about in the upcoming weeks.

— I outlined a hilarious new holiday program that I’m calling: SLAY BELLS RING.  (Coming to a laptop near you in December!)

— I organized my notes for the free webinar that I’m leading this week. (If you missed it, catch the replay here!)

— Oh, and… I FINISHED MY BOOK. The book manuscript that I’ve been semi-ignoring for about five months because I couldn’t find the time, energy, and space to get it done. I flew my writing coach out to the lake house and we jammed for 5 days straight and now… first draft: DONE. Praise baby Jesus! Hallelujah! #NoMoreExcuses

I left the lake house and realized, “I need to take myself on a ‘personal getaway’ a lot more often. Because it’s obviously really good for my mind, body, spirit… and business.”

It’s not that I’m “unproductive” when I’m at home. I’m very productive. I slay on the daily. But there’s a different type of productivity that happens when you drive, sail, or fly away from home… and plant yourself in a different environment. If you’ve ever done this, I’m sure you know what I mean. You can hear yourself think. You can dive deeper into your projects. Without the congestion of all those typical daily distractions, your real work—your legacy—becomes clearer. It’s like magic.

If you’re reading this email and seething with jealousy, thinking to yourself, “Um… I WANT 5 DAYS OF PEACE AND QUIET TOO! When is it MY turn?” well… guess what? Nobody is going to “give” those precious days to you. As I know (all too well!) you have to CLAIM those days. You have to make it happen for yourself.

Get out your calendar. Find a block of time—even if it’s six months in the future. Mark it down. Protect that time. Don’t allow anything to get scheduled during that time. It’s for YOU and you alone. Then line up your childcare, petcare, hotel, AirBnB rental, or whatever you need to create the environment that you want.

Setting up this kind of experience might require some resourcefulness, advance planning, and even a little bribery (“If you walk my dog while I’m gone, I will bake my blue ribbon-winning brownies for you… like, forever.”) but you can make it happen. There’s always a way.

If you crave it, you can create it.

And when your “personal getaway” finally rolls around—and you’re sitting in a serene environment with your laptop, your favorite notebook, a mug of tea, and wide open space to work on whatever you want without any interruptions—oh my God. You’ll be so happy that you scheduled this time for yourself. You’ll have zero regrets. And you’ll be floored by how much you’re able to get done.

I urge you: take yourself on a romantic work-date… and watch the sparks fly.



PS. Wanted: entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and women with big, ambitious goals. Lady Bosses of every flavor.

You’re invited to join me for a very special SLAY DAY in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday, November 11th, 2016.

We’re going to jam for an entire day and lay out your business plan for 2017, including… Programs you’ll roll out. Topics you’ve got to blog about. Must-achieve priorities and things you can STOP doing asap. How to make more money in less time (… which happens to be my specialty!).

We’ll cover tons of ground and you’ll walk away with a fun, stimulating, un-boring plan that you can’t wait to implement.

This coaching experience is limited to 4 – 6 ladies max. You get 2 nights accommodation at a legendary hotel, fabulous food, personalized coaching in a small group environment, a full body massage… and so many other goodies. Total luxury from start to finish.

Interested? Email for additional details and put “SLAY DAY LOUISVILLE” in your email subject line. We’ll hook you up.

See you in Louisville, ladies.

Eat your Wheaties, drink your green juice, and bring your A-game because I’mma put you to WORK.



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