The Power of Moments

How can we feel truly happy? How can we feel less stressed? How can we create better relationships? How can we spark creativity and stay inspired? How can we create a life that feels rich and meaningful–a life that’s more than just a series of emails and conference calls and workdays that pass in a […]

Playing it Fast & Loose

I know a lot of coaches, consultants, creatives, and small business owners who play “fast and loose” with their businesses. They work whenever they feel like it. Dawn. Midnight. Weekdays. Weekends. Weddings. Anniversaries. Whatever. No specific routine or office hours. They pay quarterly estimated taxes, sometimes. Sort of. Mostly. They keep track of receipts and […]

You will figure it out.

figure it out

A friend texted me a few months ago. She was right on the brink of hiring her first full-time employee—literally, about to email the official job offer, had the draft saved in her inbox—and she was having last-minute waves of doubt. “What if I hire this employee—but then my business goes through a rough patch […]

Create your perfect holiday.

I used to dread the holiday season.  I was the grouchiest Grinch you ever met.  Back when my kids were toddlers, the month of December meant: obligation, duty, resentment, chaos, clutter, and exhaustion. I would attend fifty thousand holiday parties because my husband (who is far more extroverted and social than me) wanted to—even though I didn’t […]

Dark times bring magic.

Dark times brings out the worst in people and also the best. Bullies and heroes. Greed and generosity. Fear and courage. Dark times reveal things you need to deal with, things you’ve avoided for a long time but can’t ignore any longer. Dark times will test you.  Dark times demand the best of you.  Dark […]

Tired and busy.

I know a woman who is always tired and never has enough time. Every time we connect, it’s like a broken record. How are you? “Tired!” How’s your week going? “Busy!” I say this with complete empathy, because I spent many years being that tired-busy woman, too. What I have learned is that if you […]

This is not how I want my children to remember me.

Years ago, there was a moment that shook me awake.  And it all happened…in a mini van. This was about 15 years ago. Back then, I was working as a real estate agent. And I was a hard worker. The hardest.  I put in 70-hour weeks and slept with my Blackberry phone next to my […]

2020 Fierce *FEMINIST* Holiday List

If you’re scrambling to sort out your holiday shopping, scramble no longer. Every year, I put together a big list with all my favorite holiday gift ideas. Not just “products,” but meaningful experiences and philanthropic ideas, too.

Take Yourself Off Hold

Our world has serious problems, there is no question about that. To solve these problems, we need all hands on deck.

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