On Your Feet!

Stand Up

A girlfriend of mine has been waiting patiently for an important legal contract—and payment—to come her way.  The company promised it would arrive in December. December came and went. No contract. No money.  Then January passed. Not one cent.  She politely inquired a few times and was assured, “Oh, things take awhile around here. It’s […]

Crazy Gets It Done

I know a woman who wanted to save up enough money to make a 20% down payment on a house.  An ambitious goal, especially considering she is self-employed, a busy step-mom, and the primary breadwinner in her household. To reach this big goal, she would need to roll out new programs and significantly increase her […]

Are you shrinking or expanding?


When it comes to your money, what are you focusing on? Where is your attention going? Are you focused on shrinking or expanding? Shrinking feels like: – Anxiety. – Tightness. – Hoarding. – Contracting. – Not trusting others. – Not trusting yourself. – Not believing you’re capable of earning more. Shrinking looks like:  – Cutting […]

Excuses to the MOON and back.

What’s holding you back from… – Running a profitable business. – Earning significantly more money. – Having the life and career of your dreams. – Or, sending out that damn newsletter to promote your services and get more clients—you know, the newsletter you promised your business coach that you’d blast out 3 weeks ago except […]

Coming Alive


“I’ve felt so empty inside for the last three years. I just haven’t been living,” my client confessed. The never-ending grind of work, errands, laundry, defrosting those chicken cutlets for dinner, and a million other obligations had slowly dulled this woman’s shine…to the point where she barely remembered what “rest” or “play” felt like. “But […]

What kind of CEO do you want to be?

What does it mean to behave like a CEO? It treating your business and income like it matters. Consistent hours of operation. Quick email replies. Integrity. Follow-through. Keeping the promises you’ve made.  Most importantly, it means inspiring leadership when things don’t go according to plan– like amidst a pandemic. That’s the mark of a true CEO.  Look, it’s easy […]

The 1 Email You Can Send

Just a gentle reminder that your choices (hand washing, self-quarantine, etc.) impact other people’s lives and families.  This includes your financial choices, too.  Many people are stressed about resources right now—and many are making sudden, abrupt, reactive decisions about their money.  Many people are emailing business owners to say: – “Cancel my appointment.” – “Freeze […]

Can-demic Success Story

{True Story} Molly runs a yoga studio in a small town. It’s hard enough to run a profitable yoga studio even during the best economic times, let alone during a pandemic. When COVID-19 hit, and non-essential businesses were ordered to close, nearly half of Molly’s customers canceled their monthly membership payments. 50% of her revenue: […]

If she was your daughter…

If she was your daughter

We live in a society that loves to place powerful women on a pedestal, hold them to impossible standards of perfection, and then viciously tear them down when they fail to meet these unreachable standards. A female pop star is ridiculed for wearing a glittery outfit at the Super Bowl. Too sexy. Disgusting. Cover up! […]

What story will be told about you?

Every family has its cherished family stories. In yours, maybe it’s the story about how grandma and grandpa first met at the county fair by the hot dog stand. Or the story about how uncle Bob got caught shoplifting as a kid and had to publicly apologize to the whole grocery store.  In the Hyatt […]