Disaster or Liberation

Within just a few weeks, she whipped together a brand new website and new offer: virtual cooking lessons, beaming straight from her kitchen!

She did not give up.

Hold true to your vision. Keep marching forward…keep showing up…keep trying things and tweaking and figuring things out…

Ask For It

Even if they say, “No thank you,” that’s not necessarily a permanent answer. Things change. Companies shift.

Unlock Your Best Ideas

If you want to become wealthier this summer, start by taking a few days off. Step away from the glow of your phone or computer screen.

Never Give Up

If you want something to flourish, you need to give a fuck, you need to get educated (read a book, take a class, hire a specialist)

The After-Burn

When you stand up for yourself, other women and girls see you, and they feel emboldened to stand up too.

What will people think?

Our beloved cat, Apollo, has been missing for several weeks.  We have knocked on every door. Called every neighbor. Plastered the town with missing pet flyers. Consulted with not one, but two pet psychics to see if they have any intuitive inklings about his whereabouts. We’ve left no stone unturned. But still, no Apollo. My […]

Silence is not an option.

On Sunday, May 31st, I was fired by a 1:1 client who stated that my posts of support to fellow black people were creating an unsafe space for her… A white woman.   This is unacceptable.   Black people are angry as hell. Black people are hurting due to the brutal murder of George Floyd […]

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