July 26, 2020

Ask For It

A few years back, a colleague of mine got an email out of the blue. 

A woman asked, “Are you looking for an assistant right now? Because I’d love to work for your company!”

My colleague politely replied, “No, I’m not. But thanks for reaching out!”

Fast forward six months.

That same woman emails again. Knocking on the door a second time. “Hey again! Just wanted to circle back. Are you looking for an assistant…now? Maybe your situation has changed?”

As fate would have it, the situation had changed.

My colleague’s company had grown. She was running several new programs and was busier than ever. She was actively hunting for a VA (virtual assistant) to join the team.

My colleague replied, “As a matter of fact…Yes! I am looking for an assistant right now! I’m so glad you contacted me again! When could you start?”

Boom! #Hired. 

Moral of the story:

If you want something? Ask for it. 

And sometimes? Ask twice. 

Whatever services you offer (design, writing, training, consulting, coaching) don’t be afraid to reach out to a dream client and ask, “Would you like to hire me?”

Even if they say, “No thank you,” that’s not necessarily a permanent answer. Things change. Companies shift. People get fired. Positions open. Try again in a few months. You never know. You might get a different answer. 

I got my literary agent (which led to a book deal) because I asked. Twice. True story. 

What are you going to ask for today?

Ask for it. Once. Or maybe even twice. Your courage will be rewarded. 


PS. Did you catch the new episode of Go Time TV? It’s called *Ask for Everything* and it’s all about (you guessed it!) finding the courage to stop stalling and just ask. Watch episodes here!



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