September 17, 2013

“A treasure trove of magic…”

… is what one lady called Clear Coaches — my six-month program for professional coaches who want to become {profitable} coaches.

My other favorite review, of all time?

“Susan wants you to succeed. And she always gets what she wants.”Clear Coaches

I’m blushing from head to toe! But yes. It’s true. 😉

I’ll cut right to the chase: if you’re a life coach, health coach, business coach, relationship coach or {fill-in-the-blank} coach, and you want to …

: Stop wondering if you’re doing the “right things” to grow your coaching practice.

: Figure out what makes you so darn special & valuable as a coach, in the first place.

: Nail down a simple business + marketing plan that makes sense for YOU.

And …

: Come into your OWN as coach … by identifying your best stories & teachable moments, clarifying your voice, and living your message with clarity, consistency & confidence …

Then Clear Coaches is your dream come true.

This small-group, lifelong-girlfriend-forming program has sold out every single time, for the past 10 sessions. It will sell out again.

Don’t wait. Head over to for all the details.

Read the reviews. Mark down the big dates on your calendar. Take a deep breath and join us.

I want the WORLD for you.

And I will coach your cute lil’ professionally-certified butt off until you get what you want. 😉

See you inside!




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