September 16, 2015

A Little Experiment


Happy LOVE Wednesday my very special peeps!

Let’s do an experiment! (Join me?)

For the rest of today, replace the word “fat” with (your choice): “fabulous,” “brilliant,” “intelligent,” “lovable,” “beloved in the eyes of God,” “smoking!” “sensational,” “imperfectly wonderful” or another positive phrase that you like.


“Wow, my ass looks so lovable!”

“Ugh, why did I eat that brownie, now I feel so fabulous.”

“I have never been more beloved in the eyes of God in my whole life!”

And so on.

Give your body a break from the usual torrent of criticism and see what happens. Maybe you’ll cry. Maybe you’ll giggle at yourself. Either way: your body will appreciate the change of conversation!

Doesn’t that feel like love?



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