February 7, 2018

A Day of BARE

How grateful I am for my BARE community of women!

We only get one life. We only get one body. We won’t waste it on diets.

That’s the BARE way and this last week I was so delighted to get together with BARE Coaches & BARE Community members for the first ever BARE VIP DAY!

My certified BARE Coaches lit up the Pink House in Savannah, GA!

Thank you C René Washington for helping us “let that shit go” and self coach ourselves!

Dr Anna Garrett — your workshop on hormones was fantastic! I can’t wait for your book!

How insanely lucky we are to have a Dove Award winning song writer among us to create our very own BARE theme song! Belinda Smith, you rocked it!

Mary Vernal helped us tune into our body compass and all things woo! Did you know you can “fluff up your aura?” ???????????????? Amazing!

Amy English slayed the stage with her personal story and tips on how to end emotional overeating. So good.

And Juliet Zamarra, one of my newest BARE Coaches, taught us how to create vision boards with feeling. Really great!


We ended the day with “FroYo” … frozen yoga (lol) in Forsyth Park! Thank you Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah for giving us a fantastic end to our day.

(Photog Teresa Earnest Photography)

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