March 26, 2014

A better kind of “good.”

This is a short one, but sisters (and my amazing, brave 10-20 brothers)?
It needs to be said.
A billion more times.
Because we all keep forgetting.
Building the beautiful life and career that you crave … will not always feel “good.”
Just like building the strong, resilient body you want … will not always feel “good.”
Sometimes, those 5:30 am burpees will seem like the worst idea you’ve ever had.
Sometimes, your trainer will seem like the living embodiment of Evil.
Sometimes, your mind will play tricks on you. Trying to convince you that you don’t really want … what you want.
Sometimes, you will shake.
Sometimes, you will doubt.
Sometimes, you will burn.
The burn will be temporary.
The burn will be worth it.
The burn means you’re moving closer and closer …
… to a deeper, sweeter and better kind of “good.”
P.S. Feel the burn & facebook along:
 ________ does NOT feel good. At least, not yet. But I’m facing the fear, feeling the burn&+ doing it anyway. (How about you?)




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