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Make a powerful difference in people's lives as a Certified Life Coach

Coaching is one of the most rewarding professions on earth.

As a Certified Life Coach, you get paid to help people build confidence, clear obstacles, feel unstoppable, and accomplish their goals.

Watch your clients transform and reach new heights: financially, professionally, and personally. Celebrate with your clients as they find greater purpose, peace, and joy.

Pictured: Susan Hyatt, Founder

Earn Your Life Coaching Credential in Six Months

We give you the tools to become an effective coach who’s ready to work with a diverse range of clients.

Whether you dream about working with individuals, couples, teams, organizations, or schools, we set you up for success.

If you want to make a profound impact on people’s lives—and earn a great living—The University for Life Coach Training is where you need to be.

Watch the 5-Part Video Series

Tune in as Susan breaks down frequently asked questions, benefits of becoming a Certified Life Coach, and action plans to achieving success in your business.

What Makes Us Different

World-Class Faculty

Our Faculty includes Master Certified Life Coach Susan Hyatt, Diversity Expert Ericka Hines, along with noted psychologists, physicians, and bestselling authors.

Our curriculum design team includes leaders who specialize in creating excellent course design and results with a deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our instructors are inspirational leaders who inspire you to bring your A-game to every class.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Most Life Coach and Master Life Coach certification programs do not deeply address topics like identity, oppression, trauma, inclusive language or practice. We do.

Diversity training is a required component of our program. Because in order to be an effective coach, you need a deep understanding of all the factors that have shaped your client’s life and identity.

Creating Leaders, Not Followers

To be a great coach, you need to walk your talk and lead by example.

We are determined to help you not only become a successful coach, but also, become the very best version of yourself and be a role model for your clients. With us, you gain new professional skills and gain tools to upgrade your own life.

Coaching Industry Facts

The Life Coaching industry is a $2.85 billion industry.

Life Coaching is the second-fastest-growing profession globally.

80% of people who receive coaching report "greater confidence" and "self-esteem."

73% report "better performance at work" and "better relationships"

99% of people who have hired a coach state that the experience was "rewarding" and they would do it again.

Companies that hire coaches typically see a "221% return on their investment."

What You Receive

  • 6 months of advanced Life Coach Training incorporating an diversity, equity and inclusion focus with our award-winning Faculty members
  • 12 Live Curriculum Trainings taught by Master Certified Coach Susan Hyatt and other top experts.
  • 12 Recorded Curriculum Videos.
  • Membership in a small group cohort where you are paired with one of our coaching leaders for weekly reviews, coach-the-coach and other practice modalities, a small private Facebook group and other resources so you are completely supported during the training process.
  • 12 Mentoring Classes
  • 8 DEI Training Videos
  • A complete curriculum with educational videos to watch each week from our expert faculty
  • Welcome Kit mailed to you: 7 additional books we encourage you to read, and a few surprise gifts.
  • “What’s Next?” career planning session to map out your post-graduation plan.
  • Coaching Packet filled with all the materials you need to launch your coaching practice, including client intake forms, coaching session guidelines, and more.

Already a Coach?

We can help you bring your coaching skills to the next level. Fill gaps in your knowledge and hone your craft.

Go deeper with our Certified Life Coach Training Program

Current coaches can also get certified as a BARE Coach

Become a Master Certified Life Coach with our experts!

Career Pathways

Once you’re a Certified Life Coach, what’s next? What can you do with this credential? What type of work can you do? How much can you earn?

A Note From Our Founder

Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life Coach

I discovered the field of coaching almost by accident.

I was wandering through a bookstore hunting for something that would help stop feeling so stressed out, exhausted, and miserable.

A book literally fell off the shelf and bonked me on the head. Serendipity.

That book was my very first introduction into the world of coaching. I devoured the book and then, impulsively, enrolled in a course to learn more about coaching.

That was the beginning of an incredible journey—one that has led my life and career to places I never imagined.

Today, as a Master Certified Life Coach, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of clients both in my private practice and through my online programs and courses.

I love being a coach.

But let me tell you…once you’ve worked in a particular industry for nearly 20 years, you start to notice some inadequacies, failings, and gaps.

That’s what happened for me.

With all due respect to the coaches and mentors who’ve come before me, in my opinion, the Life Coaching industry is long overdue for a revolution.

Too many coach training programs are stuck in the 1980s, with an outdated curriculum that doesn’t address the realities of our time.

Many of the original coach training programs were developed by white men to train (predominantly) white coaches to work with white clients, with zero training on diversity, equity, or inclusion. This is a problem.

Saying “just change your attitude and think positively!” to a Black woman who has experienced racism and oppression her entire life…? That does not make sense. This type of one-size-fits-all coaching approach is ineffective at best and harmful at worst. We need to do better for our clients’ sake.

And, too many Life Coaches graduate with no understanding of how to actually build a profitable coaching practice, find clients, and earn a living. They’re left to fend for themselves and figure things out through trial and error. That’s not okay, either!

My mission is to bring the Life Coaching industry into the 21st century and make it better than ever—better for coaches, and better for the clients we serve.

At The University for Life Coach Training, we are training a new generation of coaches.

Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to change lives and build a better world. And you just might discover new and exciting things about yourself in the process.

Learn more about our coach certification program and let’s get you trained, certified, and ready to get out there and make a difference in people’s lives!

Don’t postpone your dreams until “someday later.” If coaching calls strongly to you, dive in now. The sooner you start your training, the sooner you can do this incredibly rewarding work! It’s go time!

– Susan