September 17, 2017

30 fun, free, inspiring treats for your body.

Hey ladies,

Have you given your body some love today?

A walk? A few minutes of meditation? A nice meal with an actual plate, fork, and napkin—not something you’re scarfing out of a bag in front of a computer screen? (Zoning out in front of Twitter while you’re munching a stale scone from Starbucks… I mean, c’mon. You know you deserve better than that!)

If your body could use some TLC today, I’d love to help you out.

I’ve rounded up 30 fun, inspiring treats for your body—articles, podcasts, videos, workout gear and meal ideas. All free. Just ‘cause I love you. Enjoy!

Things to read

The BARE Manifesto: words of inspiration for women who want to stop dieting, stop obsessing about food, and start living, eating, and exercising from a place of love.

What are you really craving? A meal? A snack? Or something deeper than that?

No more peanuts. It’s time to stop settling for “mediocrity” when it comes to food—and everything else in your life, too!

Power food vs. pleasure food. Some types of food give you power, strength, and tons of energy. Other types of food aren’t particularly nutritious (think: cupcakes and champagne) but they’re fun and pleasurable! You’re allowed to have both.

Feeling not bad, but not great? How to upgrade your self-care and feel your best.

My workout essentials. Music, cute clothes, my favorite sneakers, and more.

Postponing is quietly killing us. Most women postpone all kinds of experiences—vacations, parties, dating, photo shoots, business launches—until “someday later once I’ve lost some weight.” This has got to stop.

10 ways to feel cozy, happy, relaxed, and entertained… that don’t involve food. And also, 18 ways to “treat yourself”… that don’t involve food.

What’s your “weird body trigger”? (We’ve all got one!)

She stood for 13 hours straight. Why “working out” and “staying fit” is about so much more than how you look.

Things to eat

I am the laziest cook in the world—so I’m always looking for quick, simple recipes. Emphasis on simple. Lots of flavor and nutrition. Minimal effort. I love: Butternut squash soupStuffed peppersPumpkin energy bitesHeirloom tomato and avocado toasteasy snacks like Noosa yogurt and Health Warrior bars… and of course, anything that I can throw into my Instant Pot.

Things to listen to

– Nicole Antoinette, the lovely host of Real Talk Radio, interviewed me on the show awhile back. We talked about body image, questioning your beliefs, and tips on making long-term changes in your life. Here’s the episode.

– I loved being a guest on Your Kick-Ass Life. (It was episode 69. LOL. How wonderful.)

We talked about why body issues are holding women back from leading big lives—and what we can do right now to make peace with our bodies. Here’s the episode.

– Amy Smith, a fellow life coach, hosts a show called The Joy Junkie. Another super-fun interview! We discussed why it’s so important to infuse fun, pleasure, and play into our daily lives. All work and no fun = burn out, illness, stress, weight issues, and grouchy, bickering fights with your family. Been there, done that. No thanks. Here’s the episode.

More things to listen to

Did you know I have a weekly podcast that comes out every Monday? It’s called GO! 

Each episode is short—usually 5 to 10 minutes—and I cover a wide range of topics: business, marketing, making money, travel, goal setting, building confidence, and of course, loving your body.

Here are some GO! episodes where I dive into food and body-related topics:

Is food the only “fun” part of your day?

What feels most like “love”?

The worst weight loss advice ever.

How to stop overeating at parties and social events.

Weight, fear, love, and the holidays.

Food should not be confusing.

Why “cheat days” are really dumb.

It’s 5 minutes either way.

Things to watch

Not into podcasts? Prefer videos instead? I have a big collection of webinars (aka: 60 minute video training sessions) covering topics like self-care, sticking to your goals, and

how to navigate the circles of menopause hell… when it feels like your body WILL NOT cooperate! You can watch every single video—for free—over here.

Have a great day, and please do something nice for your body today. Your body is your home. It’s the only one you’ve got. If you can give yourself some TLC (even if it’s just a 5-minute stroll around the block, a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine) please do it.

Your body will say “thank you” in so many ways.


P.S. If you want to learn the BARE method for weight loss coaching, check out my Bare Certification program right here.



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