January 31, 2014

3 sentences that made me a better human being — and a WAY more profitable coach.

We’re often told that changing your life is “hard work” and that building the career of your dreams “takes time.”
I’m definitely a big fan of committed work and patience …
… but once in a while, with the right mentor by your side, it’s possible to make a quantum leap in a matter of minutes.
Or a handful of words.
With the 15th cycle of CLEAR COACHES — my business-building program for professional coaches — kicking off in just a few weeks, I’ve been reflecting back on the early days of my own coaching practice, all the way to today.
From hustling for my first handful of clients …
… to speaking onstage alongside Emmy Award-winning media icons.
From struggling to figure out this whole online marketing dealio …
… to serving thousands of people through virtual classrooms & video programs, every year.
From working ‘round the clock, like a dog …
… to working smarter, not harder, and making time for Fun Fridays, hot dates with my husband and rooftop dinner parties with the most amazing women ever.
No doubt about it: I’ve come a long way.
And looking back, I’ve realized that there were three simple ideas from three women — three sentences, really — that took my business from “okay” to “omg.”
You want ‘em?
You got ‘em.
“Be willing to suck.”
~Brooke Castillo
Brooke was my weight loss coach, back when I was trying to drop thirty five pounds that just wouldn't budge. After blowing my mind (and helping the weight melt away) we became friends, and later … business partners.
Be willing to suck, she told me.
Because you’re always going to suck when you start something new.
Whether it’s a new way of eating, exercising or treating your body — or a new facet of your career, like writing, marketing or coaching.
If you’re not willing to suck — at least for a little while — it means you’re not willing to start.
“Let them see you cry.”
~Gail Larsen
Gail was my first speaking coach, back when I thought “public speaking” meant PowerPoint presentations — and hot pink power suits with shoulder pads.
Let them see you cry, she told me.
Let them see your passion, your emotion, how deeply you care about the story you’re telling. Be vulnerable.
People don’t care about “perfection,” and they won’t be able to tell if you forget a line or two. But they’ll remember how you made them feel.
That goes for public speaking, coaching and any conversation that matters. Whether you’re speaking to an audience of one, or one thousand.
“Do what you say you’re going to do.”
~Danielle LaPorte
Back before she was a bestselling author with a million dollar online business, Danielle wrote a brilliant piece called THE secret to success.
The gist?
Do what you say you’re going to do.
That’s it.
It’s the only way to build trust (among your clients + customers) and build momentum (for yourself).
Do what you say you’re going to do.
Thank you & goodnight.

. . .

Sometimes, a simple reminder — delivered by the right person at the right time — can rock your universe & set you rolling down a new path.

To STAY on that path?

That takes more than a few words on a screen — no matter how profound they may be.

It takes training, encouragement, someone to help you hold yourself accountable to your goals, and someone to answer the questions you don’t even know you ought to be asking.

It takes a village. And it takes a guide.

And if you’re building a coaching practice — and you dig my particular style of bad-assery activation — then I’d love to be that guide, for you.

The next cycle of CLEAR COACHES starts on Feb 19th, 2014.

We’re nearly sold out — nine spots have been claimed, with just three remaining.

If this program speaks to you, read all about it and then make a deposit to hold your spot & get the process in motion.


I can’t wait to look back at the early-ish days of YOUR coaching practice, a few years (or even months!) from now, and say: “Daaaamn, girl. Look at how far you’ve come.”





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