August 6, 2013

3 reasons why you’re not makin’ it as a coach (ooh, harsh reality time! ;)

I’m gearing up to lead the 14th cycle of Clear Coaches, and my desk is covered in Post-It notes, scribbly journals, empty green juice containers and triple-shot lattes.

So in other words: business as usual.

The other day, a girlfriend and fellow business-lady asked me, “So, when women come into Clear Coaches, what kinds of problems are they dealing with?”

Oh, sister-friend. Let me TELL you about it.

The top 3 problems that my Clear Coaches are contending with?

Let’s get into it:

Problem #1: “I’m not making money and I can’t figure out why!”

There are 7 billion people on the planet. There is NO shortage of people with problems.

Big problems. Little problems. Health problems. Money problems. Relationships problems. Problems disguised as other problems. Girl, you name it!

If you’re passionate about helping people solve problems and live their best lives, and you’re not making any money, it’s not because of “the economy” or “the market.” Oh sistah, no. It’s because you aren’t yet clear about who you want to serve … and how.

The solution? Get clear. On your own, with my help, or somebody else’s. Take the time to do it right. And the money will follow.


Problem #2: “I’m scared to really ‘own’ the fact that I’m a life coach.”

I get it. Once you fully come out of the closet as a coach, you’re making yourself vulnerable to rejection and shame.

Some people might think, “Oh, she’s not gonna make it.” Others might think, “Huh? What about that other (perfectly good) career she used to have? What happened to that?”

The solution? Take your freak flag out of the closet & hoist it up on a twenty-foot flagpole. The more your broadcast your new identity, the easier it will be for the right people to find you — and hire you.

Problem #3: “I’m working soooo hard, but not getting anywhere!”

If you’re working hard — but not seeing results — you’re probably pouring your energy into the wrong things.

Maybe you’re spending four hours a day “working hard” on social media, instead of writing & creating your own original blog content.

Or maybe you’re “working hard” to plan and launch a $5,000-a-day luxury retreat in Tahiti, instead of focusing on local speaking gigs that will (realistically) fill your client docket, right now.

The solution? Choose simple, reachable goals that will carry you forward. Don’t know what those goals ought to be? Get help. From your intuition, from a smart peer, or from me.

This blog was little feisty, I know — but it’s coming from a place of crazy-love. 🙂

Right now: I want you to write down the #1 reason you’re not enjoying the level of success that you want — and then write down a simple, sassy solution.I believe in you

(You can pretend to have a little mini-Susan Hyatt sitting on your shoulder, if that helps! 😉

You’ve got the answers, hotness. You know it. I know it, too.

And if you want a bad-assery-activating circle of coaches to help you become the best and most profitable coach you can possibly be, well — I’ve got that, too.






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