August 6, 2015

3 mantras to inspire you to exercise.


“I hate exercise. I am not going to turn into one of those shallow exercise queens and wear skimpy workout stuff. You can’t make me.”

That is literally what I said to my coach 8 years ago. Verbatum.

Back then, I was swinging through fast food drive up windows two to three times a DAY, working too much, and in the evenings I was the QUEEN of hogging the couch.

Convinced that I hated exercise, I resisted and complained. But I paid a lotta dolla for life coach help, so I reluctantly agreed to try some form of movement, three times a week. I started with a 20 minute pilates video.

Over the years I’ve evolved. Once my inner athlete mindset “clicked,” I became a woman who ran an average of 20 miles a week. For seven years. At 5 am. What?

I went on to practice crossfit five times a week for about 14 months. Now I’m engaged with yoga about 5 times a week, coupled with weight training.

7355252958_40578dddf2_b{photo credit}

How, how, howwwwww did I transition from a woman who “hated” exercise to become an athlete who craves it?

I’ll tell you.

Toned biceps and calves are fab, but it takes flexing your mind muscle to find true freedom. (CLICK TO TWEET THIS GEM!)

The secret is to find thoughts that make you come alive and then shift your behavior.

Here are my top 3 for fitness motivation:

I am a woman who takes exceptional care of herself.

You know you’ll feel SO proud when it’s over.

Just get your shoes on.

And if I reallllyyyyyyy need more help getting my ass up….

Dedicate your workout to X. (X would be any “problem” I need help solving or a friend who might be struggling.)

Even on a cold, dark, early winter morning, when my alarm sounds, these thoughts rouse me.

Challenge: Come up with 2-3 thoughts to try the next time your inner mean girl tries to get you to choose sleep over exercise. Experiment. Give me a shout on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what’s working. I’m happy to help.



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