May 22, 2016

277 words on “female empowerment.”


Being a “brave, fierce, empowered woman” means…

: I wear a midriff-baring top in public because I think it looks cuteand that’s my choice.

: I cover my midriff in public because that’s just not my styleand that’s my choice.

: I command a six figure salary because going to work is my choice.

: I stay home full-time because being with the kids is my choice.  

: I tell the story of how I was assaulted because I want other women to know that they’re not aloneand that’s my choice.

: I do not tell the story of how I was assaulted because I prefer to keep some things privateand that’s my choice. 

: I run for president of the United States because that’s my choice. 

: I run a blog where I post makeup tutorials because that’s my choice.

: I make the choices that I want to make. I do what feels right for me. I’m the boss of me. PERIOD.

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Before you judge a fellow woman for wearing / not wearing / doing / not doing / saying / not saying
something that YOU think she ought to, check yourself.

“Empowerment” comes in many different colors, forms, and variations.

What feels like “disempowerment” to you might feel like “triumph” for another woman whose life-story is very different from your own.

Don’t assume you know what “empowerment” feels like for her. You might not. 

You only know what “empowerment” feels like for you.

Rock out your best, most powerful and courageous life—and give your sisters the freedom to do the same.

That’s your birthright. It’s hers, too.

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PS. I know we talk about female empowerment a lot—and it’s another thing to actually practice it, feel it, and live it. That’s why I am leading this event in July 2016BARE NYC.

It’s a unique weekend in New York City where you’ll experience, firsthand, what it feels like to roll back the clock… back to that time, long ago, before you learned that you were supposed to hate your body. We’re doing photo shoots, styling, hair and makeup, cooking classes, yoga, all kinds of fun, creative experiences to help you reconnect with your “god-pod” in a positive way. It’s going to be amazing. I hope you’ll join me there.



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